10 Great Social Media Tips & Links on Twitter

Social media has become a very essential tool in all our marketing and advertising activities. However, as we all know, not all social media efforts are successful.

Therefore, for today’s post, I present you with 10 great social media tips and links that will help you better utilize social media, its tools and its use.

Utilizing Social Media

Utilizing Social Media

1. @TechnoBuffalo: What’s The Real Cost Of Social Media (Infographic) http://bit.ly/jo9emq

2. @baekdal: Social media is a significant traffic source for 78% of travel sites: http://j.mp/iQITg4

3. @Sendible: 5 Productivity Tools for the Busy Social Media Manager – http://sendto.fm/iKrRlt

4. @jaybaer A New Way to Calculate What Facebook Is Worth to Your Business: http://bit.ly/kTBXu5

5. @soshableweb: Using Social Media To Establish Your Brand Online http://bit.ly/kGbfQS

6. @techformedia: Social media gossip makes privacy laws unsustainable, says Cameron http://ff.im/-DZz1P

7. @BtoBSocialMedia: Know The Rules of the Communities When Marketing in Social Media http://bit.ly/edoDnj

8. @JohnVakidis: Looking for tips on using social media for your business? Consider reading some of my blogs. http://lnkd.in/aa5cfA

9. @in_mytree: from Hubspot blog “Tips for creating content and driving sosial media sharing” http://bit.ly/iz5aun

10. @mani0993: Top 10 tips to enhance your Social Media Experience http://su.pr/9kl74X

Hope you enjoyed our tips and links. Let us know if you have a specific topic you’d like us to make a list about :)

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  • It would be better to get free resources nowaday :-)

    • Well these are free and valuable as well :)

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    Social media has become a very essential tool in all our marketing and advertising activities. This article is containing the very useful information and I share this information with my family and the friend.
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