10 Great Tips from 10 Great Twitter Users!

Who can give you better advice on using Twitter effectively and creatively more than the “creme de la creme” of Twitter users themselves? The answer is simple: No one!

Therefore, for today’s post, I will be sharing with you 10 great tips from 10 equally great Twitter users that are sure to enhance your overall tweeting experience:

  • ryansholin – Be honest. Have fun. Don’t try to sell anything.
  • wpcandy – Twitter about stuff that has to do with your blog, but also Twitter stuff that has nothing to do with your blog.
  • scottkarp – Share links, share ideas, ask questions, answer questions — anything but “what are you doing?” unless it’s really interesting.
  • rosshill – Join the conversation, there are too many blog promoters on twitter who just broadcast. Learn @ and start networking :)
  • soniasimone – Write each word like it matters, because it does.
  • fairminder – share links. share insights and trends, things that are new or timely/current. Be personal. Don’t link only to yourself.
  • drmani – Look beyond the obvious (traffic, sales etc.) Add value. Build relationships. Think LONG term.
  • CurtMonash – Learn what people care about. I got a glowing link from RSS inventor Dave Winer my first week of active twittering.
  • ericabiz – Use twitterfeed. Instant feedback from readers is the best part of Twitter. Listen to others; engage them; have a conversation.
  • vangogh – Respect the people you follow. Be interesting. Listen first, tweat second. Don’t waste words.

Hope you have enjoyed these tips as much as I did!

Looking forward to your insights, feedback and additional tips in the comments section below :)

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  • I liked this one “Twitter about stuff that has to do with your blog, but also Twitter stuff that has nothing to do with your blog.”