8 Ways Businesses Can Share Their Experience on Twitter

One of the goals of a business presence on Twitter is to build a community and improve credibility with the entire tweeps’ population. To be able to do that, the usage of the service by businesses should extend beyond just marketing of their services or talking about themselves, they should also strive to develop a personal connection with their audience.

Twitter for Business

Here are some of the ways to achieve that:

  • Share some tips related to your business and how you manage to balance between your work load and life commitments. This will help you to connect with other in your line of work on a more personal level.
  • Help others to solve their problems, even if they are not related to your business line and especially if you are a small business.
  • Post your thoughts on your Industry, business and other topics of interest.
  • Share photos of your business, staff, conferences and events. Pictures will help make your Twitter feed a friendlier place.
  • Hand pick news items that are related to your business, share them and provide some commentary on them.
  • Link to other people’s articles, posts, tweets and commentary and what kind of insight or value they add.
  • Cover conference and events that you attend. Usually those insider tips and insights are really valuable to those who haven’t had the chance to attend.
  • Diversify the viewpoints that others can view your company through, encourage your fellow co-workers to Tweet under the company’s name and make sure to utilize the Twitter background to inter-link them.

Do you have any other ideas for sharing your experience on Twitter? Share with us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • My favorite is: ”
    Link to other people’s articles, posts, tweets and commentary and what kind of insight or value they add.”

    Thanks for the great tips :)

  • I liked this one “Cover conference and events”

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