5 Tips for Your Twitter Content Marketing Strategy

Marketing your brand on Twitter is incredibly important for any business. The use of social media channels like Twitter to promote products and services has become a necessity because of the mass popularity and daily usage of social media sites where your target customers are. Because of this, your social media marketing strategy needs to be efficient and unique to your brand because of the amount of competition on sites like Twitter, where you need to stick out and engage your target audience through all the noise. This article discusses a few tips how to optimize your content marketing strategy using Twitter.

How to Write Compelling Content and Tweets that Help you get More Followers and Keep Them Engaged

Twitter has become a go-to platform for marketers to promote their offerings to a vast segment of target customers. Here are 5 tips that can be used to create good quality content tweets that will help you engage users on Twitter:

1. Write Clear, Concise, and Compelling Tweets

Tweet about something that is engaging but easy to understand in just a few words, instead of trying to cram in several things. People are busy and there’s a lot of noise on Twitter. So, if you post Tweets with a lot of content that is not easy to quickly read, people will look right over it and not engage. You don’t have to spill the beans on all you want to disclose to get someone engaged with the Tweet, yet you can keep it a little vague to prompt action.

Ex. Let’s say you are trying to promote a new blog post about Taylor Swift on your ‘celeb blog’ where the tweet may look like:

#TaylorSwift spotted in #NYC with a new bf – you won’t believe who it is! (link to post here)

Moreover, the link shortening option on Twitter allows you to do easy back linking to your website or blog.

2. Visually Interactive Tweets

Twitter not only allows you to add images but short videos and GIFS which can help make your tweet quite interactive and engaging. It is believed that a person is three times more likely to engage with a tweet that uses visual media. Most people will engage with a picture first then read the content, so try and keep it visual to grab their attention in all of the noise on Twitter.

3. Up Your Hashtag Game

Hashtags are not only fun, but are a necessity for marketing on Twitter. It kind of works like SEO is to Google but within Twitter. Use your business related keywords, content relevant keywords in hashtags too so that more people can easily find your tweets. Don’t overload the tweet with them but keep it to one or two hashtags per tweet. You might also link your tweets with trending hashtags if they seem relevant to your services.

4. Twitter Surveys

Twitter is a great way to know more about your target customers preferences. You can tweet open-ended questions or use Twitter polls to get more quantitative data about the customer like and dislikes. This can give you valuable explicit feedback if you’re trying to find a better product market fit, improve customer service, or a variety of other things too.

5. Consistent Interaction

Twitter is not only a tool to reach out to your customers but you can also interact back and forth with them. Replying to customer opinions and queries is a good way to prove your worth and recognition of them. Likes, retweets and replies to their tweets will engage them more and also get you seen by their followers too, which helps you gain more followers over time.

Tweepi’s Twitter Tools

The Twitter tools offered by Tweepi are a great way to help you increase followers quick and easy. It helps you find relevant users in your target market and to strengthen your brand image. Features like getting in touch with relevant users, option to unfollow users, interacting with your followers, removing inactive users, and more are all very helpful for growing your brand via Twitter. For information about our Twitter marketing tools, click here.

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15 Great Ways to Use Twitter To Market Your Business Successfully

Great Ways to Use Twitter To Market Your Business Successfully

Check out the top tips from marketing pros, business leaders, and Twitter experts, on how you can turn those 140 characters into online marketing gold.

So, how can you use the popular social media network, ‘Twitter’ to drive more traffic to your website or business? To answer this question in an effective manner we have compiled a list of some amazing tips from dozens of marketing pros, business leaders, and Twitter experts. These experts have proven their capabilities by marketing their services, products, and brands using Twitter.
Here are 14 great ways to use Twitter to market your business:

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Want to Buy Twitter Followers? Think Again. Here’s Why.

If you’re thinking about buying twitter followers, you really need to think twice about it before losing your money. There’s a lot of snake oil selling companies on the web that promise they can get you 100s to 1000s, to 100s of thousands of visitors within 24 hours, a few days, or weeks. Let us help save you some pain. Don’t do it!

Why not buy twitter followers? I mean, it seems like such a deal, right? Wrong. You get what you pay for – really! Those running scams of buy 1000 twitter followers for $6 or buy 10,000 followers for $25, etc. are a total scam. They claim they’re “real followers” when in fact they’re 99.8% bots for fake accounts.

These “fake” twitter followers do nothing for you and/or your brand. You may have the “quantity” but will lack “quality” big time.

Here are a few reasons why you should not buy followers on Twitter.

#1 Very Low / No Engagement

When you buy followers on Twitter, you aren’t getting people who are interested or willing to engage with you or your brand. You are just buying numbers for your follower counter. Most likely not one of all your new and supposedly “real followers” will ever like or retweet any of your tweets. Let alone “buy” anything from your brand. Instead, you wasted a bunch of your time and your money buying crap.

#2 You May Have to Spam Your Followers

There are some Twitter Follower services that will ask to access your Twitter account. You don’t want to allow this. Why? Because they are likely going to send out multiple tweets as a way of advertising their way to increasing your follower count. This will most likely lead to annoying your real followers (assuming you have them) and will result with them unfollowing you. That’s not good. Why put in the time and effort to build your following, just to allow some fly-by-night service to piss off your followers so you can gain less engaged followers, let alone fake followers and bots. Don’t do this.

#3 Hurt Your Brand Reputation (You or Your Company)

Don’t be fake and sell out. It’s not too hard for people on Twitter to sniff your account out pretty quickly to see if you have a real following or a lot of fakes. If it looks like fake followers, people view it as BS and not engage with you, hence “follow” you. Sometimes, you’ll get some people or brands that call you out in tweets where other people can view them too. This can further damage your reputation and will require more of your time and effort to clean up your act. But, that’s likely not the primary reason you’re on twitter, since you’re looking to grow – not clean up a mess you made.

#4 The Twitter-verse Will Find out

People can easily see who follows you or take a glance at your recent tweets, how often you tweet, and how many likes and retweets your tweets get. You’re not fooling anyone who matters with shady tactics. Again, it’s super easy to sniff out if you or other accounts have real or fake followers with tools like: Fake Follower Check and Bot or Not
So, if your reputation, time, and money is important to you. Spend it on quality tasks and services that will help you build on a good quantity of twitter followers who are more engaged with you or your brand, opposed to all that time, effort, and money wasted on buying a lot of followers who will do nothing but hurt you.

#5 Use Tweepi to Get Real Twitter Followers

Good thing for you, there’s Tweepi. We’re trusted by over a million users and growing like crazy. People and brands trust us every day to help save them a lot of time, effort, and money to grow a more engaged following of users on Twitter.

We help you find the right users to follow and engage with who in turn will have a higher propensity to follow you back and engage with you too. Tweepi’s leading unfollow tool will help you clean out undesirable users who may not follow you back, are egg profiles, or bad avatars, this way you can continue to follow better users and get more to follow you back.

Many of our users find great value in your premium plans that help them spend just a little time to get maximum value every day getting more followers, likes & retweets on their tweets, new customers, and more.

You can try out Tweepi for free and when you’re really ready to accelerate your Twitter following and maximize your ROI, you can easily upgrade to any of our premium plans. We’re positive you’ll love using Tweepi to get more followers – just like millions of people do everyday with us!

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New Tweepi: Powerful filters & mobile friendly

We’ve been working day and night for the past few months to rewrite Tweepi with a newer, mobile friendly technology stack. The motivation was two fold, a better Tweepi and making the code base organized and testable for our team to enjoy developing new features. We are finally ready to introduce the new Tweepi beta!

Faster, mobile friendly, and packed with new features.

Faster, mobile friendly, and packed with new features.

Column headers and pagination bar always displayed

On larger screen resolutions (tablets or above), the column headers and pagination toolbar will be always displayed. That’s a long requested feature by many of our awesome users. No more scrolling up and down to sort or navigate.

New powerful filters

You can now build more complex criteria for any Tweepi manage or follow tool:

  • You can define ranges by defining two filters, one greater than and one less than.
  • You can filter by “empty”, “not empty” or “not contain”.
  • Dates are relative. No need to calculate specific dates. Just enter how many days ago.
New powerful filters

New powerful filters

Accurate 24 hour follow counter

Moved to the navigation bar. You can now keep an eye on the number of follows and unfollows performed since 24 hours.

New Follow Action Counter

The new action counter

Responsive and mobile-friendly

Redesigned to work on mobile devices and tablets.

It's responsive

It’s responsive

Bookmarkable URLs

All pages are now bookmarkable, along with how many users per page displayed and filters selected. Try this link to follow journalists @cnn follows who have tweeted in the past 2 weeks.


Please use the ‘Feedback’ button to the right of the new Tweepi to share your thoughts with us, or report any odd behaviour. Many of you already have our email addresses, so feel free to email us directly.

We look forward to reading your feature requests and feedback!


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