Tweepi Quick Tip: Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

Nothing says I know what I’m doing as much as using keyboard shortcuts to interact quickly with Twitter. Let’s admit it, there is something purely geeky about using a keyboard when you can just point and click these days but actually knowing a few Twitter keyboard shortcuts might provide you with extra functionality and help you get the job done quicker.

The keyboard shortcuts are available by pressing ‘?’ on the Twitter website and are broken into three categories.

Twitter Shortcuts

They have also expanded them to include the following;


  • j/k to move between the next and previous tweets
  • Enter to drill down into or close a selected tweet
  • space to page down
  • Shift+space to page up
  • / to jump to the search box
  • . to refresh and jump back to the top

Navigating Timelines

  • g then h to go home
  • g then r to go to your replies/mentions
  • g then p to go to your profile
  • g then f to go to your favorites
  • g then m to go to your direct messages
  • g then u then search to view any user’s timeline

Actions for Individual Tweets

  • f to favorite a tweet
  • r to reply to a tweet
  • t to retweet
  • m to send a direct message
  • n to compose a new tweet
  • Escape to cancel a compose window, dismiss the help window

Hope you found this entry helpful.

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