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Now you can search for a hashtag or any keyword. For example search for "#cooking" to find users who just tweeted about #cooking around the world. See screenshot.

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About this tool

We tried to imagine a better way to find new tweeps. The solution we came up with was follow using Twitter search. Just enter a search query, Twitter will return the latest tweets matching your criteria, and Tweepi will make filtering through the returned users as easy and straight forward as ever!

Tweepi helps you analyze and filter tweeps out - the geeky way, with numbers in a table - based on their activity and sociability. We spent so much time perfecting Tweepi that now you can also sort and search (filter) the results anyway you like on per page basis.

Premium Tweepi users can do that for all users they follow or following them, not just for the current page, along with loads of other time saving features.