Hiring: Frontend PHP/JS Developer

We are working on new Tweepi features and a new Twitter/Facebook marketing platform. We are currently hiring a frontend developer and a brilliant User Experience (UX) designer. This post is for the frontend developer position.

Position information

We are looking for a brilliant frontend developer to join us. An applicant must be a great self-learner, always write with DRY and KISS principles in mind and be a master at writing automated Unit/System tests.

The task at hand is upgrading the current GWT/GXT Tweepi grid to a lightweight, mobile friendly grid to replace it.

Position type

Contract job for assisting us in upgrading Tweepi. Off-site / anywhere you can work from. Then retainer/part-time/full-time depending on work quality and punctuality in respecting deadlines.

Job/Candidate Requirements

  • Experience in writing clean, well-structured HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP code.
  • Experience with at least one MVC PHP development framework. Tweepi is built with Symfony – so if unfamiliar with Symfony, you’ll need to learn it.
  • Experience with jQuery and GWT/GXT to be able to read and migrate the code from the current GXT grid.
  • Clean, modular Javascript coding skills. Limited functionality functions for easier testing.
  • Experience in writing automated Javascript Unit and System tests.
  • Experience in writing optimized MySQL queries.

Job Description

  • Research the best choice for the Tweepi Grid replacement/upgrade with supporting arguments for that choice.
  • Preserve the grid layout and display format (button bars, pagination, SHIFT+click to select a range, page width responsiveness of grid - currently on reload, etc).
  • Migrate types of grids. Search grids as well as local/remote sorting and filtering grids.
  • Preserve grid sorting and filtering functionality: depending on type of Tweepi tool, grid should be able to do per-page client side sorting/filtering, or server side sorting/filtering which reloads the contents of the grid itself, or a combination of both (depending on the column chosen).
  • Support showing/hiding columns.
  • Capability to handle unexpected API errors and server side problems and display them in a friendly manner to client. Will be discussed in more depth.
  • Migration of main Tweepi functionality (grid buttons). API endpoints already built on PHP server side.
  • Migration/replacement of the dialogs and bubble pop-ups used for confirmations and errors.

How to apply

Email us your cover-letter describing why you are suitable for this job and your CV at jobs@tweepi.com. Skype interview will be scheduled if found suitable. Applications with no cover-letters will be ignored.