10 Awesome Web-Based Twitter Clients

There are a great number of ways a person can tweet nowadays; whether it’s from the original website, through your iPhone or your desktop app, the competition is fierce. From that competition comes innovation, and Twitter has its own fair share of innovative clients that are available on the web.

Each client has a its own niche and reasons for why its special…

1. Brizzly

An interesting client in that it doesn’t feel pretentiously high-tech, it’s just more about enjoying your Twitter rather that drowning in statistics and management.

Pros: Mute users without unfollowing; inline image, video and map display.

Cons: Too simple for social media junkies.

2. Hootsuite

If you can appreciate the utility of an electric screw driver over its traditional cousin, you will appreciate Hootsuite.

Pros: Connects to everything; completely customizable; great for companies.

Cons: Far too complex for everyday tweeting; can feel awfully cluttered; we don’t like the interface.

My Hootsuite

My Hootsuite

3. Seesmic

While famous for its desktop app, its online cousin is certainly an excellent client. It allows you to choose between single- and multi-column mode, preview bit.ly links inline and stay on top of lists, searches and trending topics.

Pros: Simple and straightforward without missing anything important; nice user interface.

Cons: Doesn’t have the full set of power user features.

4. Splitweet

Targeted at corporate users who need to both manage multiple accounts and track their results. What makes Splitweet great is that it will, unlike HootSuite, automatically update your stream and offers a brand name tracking feature that lets you track custom searches along side your regular stream.

Splitweet Snapshot

Splitweet Snapshot

Pros: Allows you to tweet in many different languages.

Cons: It does not have the feature to isolate your Twitter accounts so you could see activity for just one as opposed to see multiple accounts mashed together.

5. Media Funnel

Media Funnel has some unique features, such as editorial control for a team of users, a guest posting feature, and email alerts for keywords/brand mentions.

6. My Tweet Place

Allows you to manage all your twitter accounts easily and almost on autopilot without breaking Twitter rules.

MyTweetPlace SnapShot

MyTweetPlace Snapshot

7. Tweasier

Tweasier is a user-friendly app with heaps of features that, from an agency point-of-view, make reporting, managing and monitoring Twitter campaigns incredibly easy, rather than having to mess around with multiple apps, none of which offer all the features Tweasier offers.

Pros: The detailed stats and reports you get with Tweasier.

Cons: You may need to pay a little extra when it comes to having the full-fledged Tweasier options and tools.

8. TwitScoop

A real-time visualization tool that lets you see hot trends and buzz on Twitter.

Pros: Enables you to receive, send tweets, and find new friends instantly, without ever reloading your page.

Cons: I personally don not like the interface; too childish for my taste :)

Twitscoop Snapshot

Twitscoop Snapshot

9. Twitterfall

Twitterfall is best suited for sitting back and watching the world go by, especially if you click on Presentation Mode to remove everything but people’s Twitter posts.

Pros: A brilliant time-waster; a great way to keep on top of specific trends and topics.

Cons: Posting features feel like an afterthought.

10. TweetVisor

An interesting browser based solution with multiple features such as Twitter lists, multi-column templates, Foursquare tab, search box and more.

Pros: Replies and direct messages are displayed on sidebars,

Cons: Tweetvisor’s biggest drawback is a bland user-interface. Featuring lots of text, it’s busy looking, which takes away from is user-friendliness.

Tweetvisor Snapshot

Tweetvisor Snapshot

Hope you’ve enjoyed our list and found it helpful.

Now it’s your turn: What’s your pick?

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6 thoughts on “10 Awesome Web-Based Twitter Clients

  1. IMpopstar2 says:

    I will check all of these, thanks for the links – I like the look of splitweet! It’s great to keep on track of new tweeting developments. I like twuffer best for scheduling my tweets. Tweepi is best for manual follow and unfollow and I use this every day :)

  2. AB Pinkerton says:

    great list!  I am a big fan of @SproutSocial and @marketmesuite:twitter among the other mentioned.  Marketme has alot of cons and only one real + but it is a great plus.  Socialsprout on the other hand is brilliant in so many ways, but runs slower like the other high java clients.

  3. Hi AB – thanks for the mention. I wonder if you’ve updated to 3.3! some really great updates! Happy to help you make sure you are getting the most out of @marketmesuite:twitter

  4. Orian Marx says:

    We’re looking for power users to help beta test @Siftee:twitter Tell us what you wish your Twitter client could do! http://siftee.com/

  5. Nikki says:

    Great post. Thanks!

  6. Jophan says:

    Actually, you can show only one account at a time in Splitweet – just click the Show More Accounts button and deselect the accounts you don’t want to see. I really like Splitweet except that if I’ve been away from Twitter for a while, I can’t go as far back as I want to see previous comments. The feature for that only works intermittently.

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