10 Financial Tweeps That Have the Scoop

In the fast moving financial world, having the right piece of information could be the difference between making profit and going belly up. Therefore Twitter seems to be the proper medium to disseminate a torrent of timely news bullets but the problem lies in the reliability of the source which means picking the right source to follow makes all the difference (although, at the end of the day, the investor should be responsible for his/her investments).


Dr. Doom was one of the first people to predict the economic downturn and give valid advice for how to get out of the recession. His Twitter feed tends to mostly document his various travels and talks around the world but, on the other hand, he also links to his blog, the RGE monitor, which is an invaluable place for global financial analysis.

Who said the truth can't hurt anyone?


While Krugman tends to delve into politics more so than the majority of economists on the list, he is still a voice to be heard. He seems to represent the more conservative side of economics and the Nobel Laureate doesn’t hold back any punches when it comes to voodoo economics.

Krugman's finest


If you are interested in keeping up with Forex news then Ashraf is an excellent person to follow. He’s always posting updates, analysis, and charts of the daily trades.

Excellent currency updates


Paul R. La Monica is a CNN Money reporter and he always has his eyes on all the stocks, all the time! With an average of more than 25 tweets a day, you will be bombarded with timely and relevant stock information during day trading.

Stocks tweet over-drive


While a bit less known that others on the list, Faris Hamzei is a very valuable source. His experience in the market is vast and provides some valuable insights. He is also a keen follower of Twitter and regularly re-tweets valuable content that you might have missed on other venues.

Great financial news roundup


Got questions about your taxes or filling them? H&R Block is an excellent place to turn to for advice and they also post some interesting articles about the IRS and even how to teach teens about financial responsibility and taxes.

Free tax advice!


While the name will be obscure to those outside of the business and finance circles, the global investment management firm is recognized as having some of the top brains in the industry; Bill gross and Mohammed El-Erian. The updates are like a journal of the views and interviews of the two co-founders.

Insignt into its founder's brains


The preeminent financial news network is heavily represented with more than half a dozen accounts with this being the most broad in its coverage of business and financial news.

A good mix of Forex, business and finacial news.


Felix Salmon is probably the most light-hearted and accessible feed out of the bunch. He is the finance blogger for Reuters and he talks about everything from geeky financial formula tattoos to taking jabs at other financial writers and their bad math. In the middle of all of this, there is plenty of useful information.

A finance writer with a sense of humor


Heidi N. Moore, the ex Wall Street Journal reporter and NPR correspondent has an interesting account . Her articles are still solid as ever but she manages to talk about such a wide array of topics that it is sometimes confusing to weed through that information. Even though, her account gives the reader a good idea of what it feels like to be on the front lines in finance.

Life in the financial trenches

Hope you’ve enjoyed our list. If you are interested in us creating a list for a topic of your liking, please get in touch with us and let us know.

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