10 Must Follow Twitter Users (1)

Tweeting is a fun activity; it could also be a great way for you to meet great Twitter users who can really enhance your tweeting experience tremendously!

Therefore, today I chose to share with you 10 of my favorite Twitter users so you can follow them and learn from their tweeting habits :)

1. @Chrisvossblog

Whether you are seeking random quotes or specific tips about a variety of topics, Chris Voss is the man for you! Not only is he an active tweep, he also retweets and reciprocates follows.

Chris Voss Blog

Chris Voss Blog

2. @LoriMoreno

Smart, beautiful and positively entertaining, Lori Moreno always has something to say, and it’s always good! Follow her and get a whiff of her wide knowledge about a variety of subjects and enjoy the quotes she shares about love and life.

Lori Moreno

Lori Moreno

3. @Johnlusher

One of the first tweeps I followed when I first joined Twitter, John Lusher has to be one of my favorite tweeps! He’s into social media, marketing, relationship building and content management amongst other things. He shares interesting information and he replies to your tweets and cares about what you say. You gotta love him!

John Lusher

John Lusher

4. @bkmacdaddy

With a unique sense of creativity and a good eye for design, bkmacdaddy is a great source for web and graphic design tips. He also shares fun links related to design as well as SEO and Twitter tips.



5. @ruhanirabin

Not only is this guy a genius, he is also a sweet heart! If you have a useful post with valuable information, he will retweet it for you and make it popular! Moreover, he shares really good tips about several topics and some motivational quotes as well.

Ruhani Rabin

Ruhani Rabin

6. @livinlime

A lovely tweep with a great Twitter name, avatar and stream. Not only does she appreciate follows, Rts and recommendations, she also promotes women’s accomplishments and is an active and interesting Twitter user.



7. @seams16

Seams16 is a great tweep; he is active and he cares. Moreover, he writes chidlren’s books which makes him one of the nicest guys you kind find on Twitter! Follow him and he will follow you back!



8. @meetLindaSage

Linda Sage is an author, business and personal mentor, weight management coach and motivational speaker seeking to make a positive change in people’s lives. She tweets motivational quotes in addition to links about life challenges and ways to over come them.

meet Linda Sage

meet Linda Sage

9. @lindaAWI

A beautiful woman with a beautiful soul passionate about enriching women’s lives. Linda shares great tips about taking care of your body and she is a great retweeter. Follow her and she will follow you back!



10. @IamPramit

Looking for tips about travel? Photos of cars? Keys to happiness? Facebook tricks? Whatever it is you seek, Pramit might have the answer for you. He is a great conversationalist and sharer and he cares.

I am Pramit

I am Pramit

Hope you enjoy following my Twitter friends.

Don’t hesitate to share your favorite Twitter peeps in the comment section below :)

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13 thoughts on “10 Must Follow Twitter Users (1)

  1. Sunil Jain says:

    I am glad that I know 5 of them from the above list :) It’s just like a boon connecting with them on Twitter :) Now following others !!
    Happy Tweeting :D

  2. Ruhani Rabin says:

    Hey Girl :D You are such a sweetheart! I am just so proud to be in the list :D ((HUGS)) and thank you to place me with these amazing people :D

    1. Beiruta says:

      Always my pleasure :)

  3. Thanks for sharing these lists, I am following some of them but you should also add @smallbiztrends:disqus  on your list next time.


  4. started to follow some… a bit skeptical of some… good list overall :) 

  5. Mauricio says:

    WOW! I just know. The information is very interesting.

  6. Interesting diverse list.

  7. Interesting diverse list, no health sources included ;)

  8. Well, if those are the reasons to be in your list I add myself as the #11; I build free professional web site for my followers and give them free tips on web developing, database and photography. I always reply a tweet and RT every tweet I seem intersting.

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    Thanks guys for giving information about 10 Must Follow Twitter Users.

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  12. Miguel says:

    Follow me. ^-^

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