10 Quick & Easy Tips for Designers on Twitter

Designers play a very important role in almost everything we see around us and especially on the internet. They rely on creativity and hard work to provide us with design solutions for websites, brochures, business cards and the likes which, in the end, act as the “face” of anything we are trying to promote.

As we all know, designers always have a lot on their hands so this post will be short and simple and will outline how designers could use Twitter to their benefit in terms of promoting what they do to their target audience.

1. Look for and follow other designers and design studios.
2.Use Twitter search to find jobs and projects.
3. Help the community by engaging, critiquing and responding to fellow designers’ questions.
4. Post your newest projects and published websites and keep your followers up to date with your achievements.
5. Tweet and discover new web resources.
6. Use relevant hashtags.
7. Find and follow people and businesses in your area.
8. Customize the design of your page and make sure you add a little bit of “you”.
9. Build relationships.
10. Be humble; no one like self proclaimed gurus!

Hope you enjoyed our tips for today.

Looking forward to any insights, feedback and questions you may have in the comments section below :)

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2 thoughts on “10 Quick & Easy Tips for Designers on Twitter

  1. Great stuff as usual guys :-) Mark @mark_3000:twitter 

  2. This is great advice.  I’d love to see what hash tags you might suggest following.  There are so many these days that it is difficult to keep track of which ones represent what interests.

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