10 Tips for Keeping Your Twitter Followers Hooked

Tweepi cares about whom you follow and unfollow. Just like FFhelper, it was designed to make your Twitter experience more fun and valuable.

Therefore, I have decided to share with you ten simple tips on how to cut through Twitter’s noise clutter and keep your target audience hooked!

1. Please, please, cut the crap!

We all should know that there is nothing called easy money. Therefore, you should refrain from sharing or spreading tweets such as: “The best way to make money online http://miniurls.it/qYTNe4“. Not only is this kind of tweet considered spam, it is also annoying and can easily demolish your Twitter credibility.

2. Know your followers:

And no, I don’t mean start making house visits to each and every one of them! I am just asking you to take some time, visit their blogs or websites, know what they are trying to achieve from their Twitter experience. It’s not all about you! Even in a virtual world, there is always tit for tat!

3. Don’t get hung up on numbers:

Many tweeps out there have thousands of followers yet the content they try to promote fails to attract anyone. Use Twitter tools such as Tweepi to manage your followers, see how active they are, reciprocate follows and remove those spammers who flood your home feed!

Reciprocating follows through Tweepi
Reciprocating follows through Tweepi

4. Monitor the links your retweet:

Sharing links is a great opportunity to promote yourself, your product and/or your service. However, it is also a sneaky way to promote violence, racism and more dramatic subjects. So please, take a minute to check out the link you’re about to retweet, for it may really cause harm to someone’s life!

5. Be original:

Develop a certain way to greet your followers and make them aware that you are online now. You could start off with a daily joke, a clip, or a simple greeting. The one I have been using is simply: “Helloooo all you happy people” with some variations every once in a while!

6. Don’t flatter yourself:

No one likes a person who thinks he or she is “all that”. So, while you enjoy your Twitter experience always remember not to flatter yourself and allow others to do that for you. Give them reasons and not hints!

Guru? Are you now?
Guru? Are you now?

7. Don’t forget your humanity!

Before anything, we are humans. Keep this at the back of your mind whenever you are out tweeting! Share your followers’ sorrows and happy times. Retweet prayers for someone suffering an illness, greet someone on a new born baby girl. Those tweets are very valuable and will get you appreciated and more noticed.

8. Whenever possible, personalize.

I know it takes time and I know it can be a drag but this is very important: you really need to personalize every now and then. This can be done by simply replying to one follower at a time or through tools such as @ffhelper where you are able to see a filtered list of users you interact with on Twitter and then write more personalized #TY, #Gratitude, #FollowFriday (..etc) tweets using the user’s name, URL, bio and location with just a few clicks.

An example of a Twitter #FF personalization tool
An example of a Twitter #FF personalization tool

9. Distribute your tweeting hours:

You might feel the need to be present on Twitter once a day for a few hours straight, thinking that that would be enough. I don’t agree. I think it’s better to divide your tweeting time throughout the day so your followers will be able to notice you more often and so that you can conquer the time zone differences!

10. Less is more but more is less too:

Bombarding your followers with tweets might be very seductive. However, and from experience, it is merely effective! Make your tweets count by making them valuable, educational, focused, varied and interesting.

That’s all for now!

Please do not hesitate to add anymore tips you gained through your Twitter experience.

Looking forward to your feedback and comments down below…

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