10 Tips for Success on Twitter (1)

Ever wondered why you are not benefiting from Twitter as others are? Ever wondered where you have been going wrong? If so, this is the right post for you! Today we will be giving you 5 tips for success on Twitter that are easy to apply and have proven to be effective with many throughout their Twitter usage (and mine as well):

1. Repeat Your Tweets:

Many tweeps fear that repeating tweets every now and then could get them unfollowed in the long run. However, and from personal experience, I can assure you otherwise and that it is alright to repeat tweets every now and then in order to make sure that your Twitter friends end up seeing them (especially since many Twitter streams might be flooded with tweets and might simply miss yours).

2. Stay Upbeat & Positive:

Although you might not want to believe this, but no one likes drama, badmouthing or plain negativity. This doesn’t mean that you should be something you are not but with every tweet you have a choice. Be positive or stay away.

3. Test Your Tweet Times:

Tweets must

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always be planned based on where you are and what your time zone is. Therefore, it is important to test your tweet times. This can be achieved using multiple bit.ly or ow.ly short URLs and via testing tweeting at different times of day. Give yourself the best chance of being RT’d by influential followers by knowing when they are likely to be on Twitter.

4. Manage Your Expectations:

Don’t expect everything you send on Twitter to go crazy with RTs. People aren’t lying around hoping you’ll send them your 120-character masterpiece to complete their day; sometimes, a tweet you think will be popular isn’t. Other times, a tweet unexpectedly catches fire. Don’t give up, this is normal.

5. Connect Globally:

Twitter is a fantastic space where we are not bound by time or geography so don’t only use it to connect with your next door neighbor, expand and use it to find new friends and potential business partners half a world away. Don’t limit yourself when the sky is your limit!

I hope you enjoyed the tips. Stay tuned for part (2) in the coming few days.

Looking forward to your feedback, insights and questions down below :)

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2 thoughts on “10 Tips for Success on Twitter (1)

  1. p mulroe says:

    have you simple way of #ff

  2. Rachelle says:

    Firstly, i’ve just started using Tweepi and it’s a fantastic tool! Secondly, being a relatively new twitter user tips like these are wonderful for keeping on top of do’s and do not’s, so thank you for sharing. I was shying away from retweeting my own posts, but with many followers seeing hundreds of posts they are sure to miss some, so I don’t see any harm in retweeting the odd important one. 

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