10 Tips for Success on Twitter (2)

Welcome back to part 2 of our Twitter success tips. Here are 5 more tips to help you make better use of Twitter:

1. Invest in Efforts:

A quick direct message to thank a new follower, or a simple message sent to a Twitter friend you have not seen in a while says a lot about how important connections are to you. These extra efforts don’t take much time or effort, but mean the world as you are building and sustaining your network.

2. Ask Questions:

Never hesitate to continuously ask questions. Questions help initiate conversations and they help you and others learn new things all the time.

3. Proclaim:

Don’t be shy about proclaiming the accomplishments of others. Twitter is not only about self promotion but rather the promotion of all who can make the conversation better. ReTweeting, sharing links, and pointing your followers to others they may not yet know about adds

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value to the entire experience.

4. Manage Yourself:

Twitter can be addictive and you can easily get lost and distracted when using it regularly. Therefore, you should set a tested time each day or an amount each week that works for you.

5. Ignite Dialogue:

Enjoy the conversation, but carry it past the 140 characters. Challenge your friends and colleagues to “take it to their blog” or share the conversation with another. The more the merrier!

Looking forward to your comments and insights in the comments section below :)

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6 thoughts on “10 Tips for Success on Twitter (2)

  1. I tried to ask question. I have 15000 followers .I usually get reply for any question with in 3 minutes. It gave a lot of inspiration for me. Also asking questions and getting responses would increase the klout score as well. Here is another article to support the viewpoint of the author. http://www.twitterblogpost.com/people-follow-twitter/ . Thanks for sharing this post. The article is awesome. I love it.

  2. brent howell says:

    The More We Know The More There Is To Know

  3. brent howell says:

    The More We Know The More There Is To Know.
    Stop The Poverty Plague.

  4. MGD says:

    I never use these tips for twitter marketing. It’s really interesting stuff which interacting with others.

  5. I already used these tips however good to share….

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