10 Tips to Increase the RTs You Get on Twitter

Some people think that it is easy to get retweets on Twitter. Trust me when I tell you: it’s NOT! More often than not, unless you are famous – a celebrity, singer, company, actor, politician and so on – your tweets might get lost in the tide!

So, from my experience on Twitter, here are 10 valuable tips which can help you increase the number of retweets you get on Twitter:

1. Make Your Tweets Count!

First and most importantly, you should always invest in your tweets. Your tweets are a reflection of who you are on Twitter so you should make them valuable and interesting enough to RT.

2. Choose Your Followers Carefully:

In case you haven’t realized it yet, you may have thousands of followers yet get a few retweets on your blog posts or in your mentions. If you are wondering why, remember that quality always comes before quantity. So, make sure the tweeps you want to follow are active on Twitter.

Check out the klout score & recent tweets to measure activity

Check out the klout score & recent tweets to measure activity

3. Don’t Be Selfish!

It is only natural that you should treat others like you want to be treated, this applies to Twitter as well. If you want others to retweet you, make sure you retweet others as well!

4. Tweet Your Gratitude:

I found it very useful to tweet my gratitude for the retweets I get every now and then. Showing your appreciation make a lot of difference and encourages tweeps to support you by retweeting you more often.

Nothing beats "thank you" tweets!

Nothing beats “thank you”

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5. Don’t Be Pushy:

Unless you are promoting a humane-related cause, don’t nag the tweeps who are following you into retweeting your posts. If your followers find your tweets amusing, fun or valuable, they will retweet them without your pleads!

6. Mix Up Your Tweets:

Not only is mixing up your tweets important for showing what type of tweep you are, it also allows for different people with different interests to follow and retweet you.

Example of mixing up tweets

Example of mixing up tweets

7. Tweet Occasionally:

In order to get retweets, you need to tweet; a very simple equation right? Therefore, the more tweets you want, the more often you should tweet. Be present so tweeps will know you are there!

8. Work on your Profile:

Whenever someone became a follower, whether I was already following them or not, I took a moment to check their profile. So make sure you keep your profile updated and interesting.

9. Responded to Tweets:

Take a moment to respond to tweets. People like to be heard, they won’t know that you’re hearing them if you don’t respond.

10. Install a Twitter button on your blog:

Placing a TweetMeme button on your blog makes it easy for your readers to instantly share your content on Twitter with only a single click. Make sure the button is placed above the fold so readers easily see it.

Hope you enjoyed out tips :)

Looking forward to your feedback and insights down below.

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13 thoughts on “10 Tips to Increase the RTs You Get on Twitter

  1. g. c. says:

    I agree it is very difficult to be retweeted; I guess that the main reason is about a general feeling of selfish even if you are free(mium) :D 

  2. Info says:

    short, sweet, helpful and to the point thank you!

    1. Beiruta says:

      You’re welcome. Don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s something else that you would like me to write about :)

  3. Brian Dolan says:

     Excellent advice from a true tweet genius! 

    1. Beiruta says:

      Thank you, I appreciate the sweet words :) Come back for more! 

  4.  Thanks for your smart advice!

  5. Mitesh says:

     great advise !!

  6. asw says:

    love it! all very usable tips :-)

  7. Very difficult topic but as you described it in an easy way to use techniques for getting Retweets i believe it will help everyone to make sense of their Twitter accounts.

  8. The way to get RTs is to tweet content worth Retweeting. It’s that simple. IF you tweet something that provides value, at a time when people are actually awake, it is going to get shared with others.

  9. Jane Allan says:

    Thanks for this – very helpful for getting my head around Twitter on my quest/determination to understand social media in general.

  10. Great guide!  I tweet here & there, and don’t mind doing a RT.

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