10+ Top SEO Twitter Tips for Better Search Ranking

SEO Twitter Tips

SEO Twitter Tips

Amongst its other benefits, Twitter could technically be a natural complement to your site and an effective way to gain some additional spots on organic search engine results pages (SERPs), helping your website and its content get noticed. So how can you best leverage your Twitter account for search? Here are 5 tips to help you get started:

1. Use Your Real Name Wisely:

Your Twitter “real name” is perhaps the most important thing you can set on your Twitter profile. It appears in the title tag for both your Twitter profile and your individual tweet pages. It’s highly searchable, and it’s something that will appear in Google’s link to your profile.

This means you need

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to make sure your real name is both relevant to you, a keyword people are likely to search for, and something that will make people want to click.

Here, it’s very essential to note that your Twitter “real name” doesn’t have to be your actual name, unlike with Facebook. Instead, it can be virtually anything as long as it comes in under the 20-character limit Twitter imposes.

2. Utilize Your Username Effectively:

As in the case with your real name, your Twitter username is crucial content that will be displayed in the title of your Twitter profile page and, in some cases, your individual tweet pages. Also like your real name, it can be anything you want as long as it comes in under the 15-character limit Twitter places on usernames.

It is best to use this space wisely with an easily remembered, keyword-rich Twitter username that will get the attention of anyone searching for related keywords. This may seem like an impossible task since fifteen characters certainly isn’t a lot to work with, but a few quick Google searches for keywords related to your site can reveal what kinds of Twitter handles are ranking well, giving you a template for success.

3. Invest in Your Bio:

Whether you use Twitter for business or other, take a good look at your Twitter bio and ask yourself “Will someone reading my bio want to follow me?” and if yes, then ask “Will that follower be the kind of person I wish to attract?

No one relevant will follow you if they don’t know who you are and no one will know who you are if you don’t tell them succinctly. So work on developing a unique and attractive Twitter bio.

Here are some Twitter Bio Don’t for you:

  • Don’t copy paste a longer than 160 character bio from somewhere else. Bios that are cut off mid-sentence are sloppy, unprofessional and irritating.
  • Don’t write something in the bio that has nothing to do with you.
  • Don’t throw out a challenge. “Follow me if you dare.” Umm, no thanks, I’m not that daring.
  • Don’t leave it blank. Self explanatory.
  • Don’t use clichés, jargons or buzzwords. They make you sound fake, insincere and a possible spammer.
  • Don’t mix languages unless your audience understands both. It’s annoying enough when you start following someone whose username is in English but who tweets in another tongue!

Click here for some more tips for writing short and compelling Twitter bios.

4. Be Smart – Link in Style:

To be noticed on search engines, your Twitter profile needs the same thing any other site needs: lots of links. Link to your profile everywhere you can, and do so with strong keywords in the anchor text.

How does this work? Athough your Twitter profile is closely related to your site, it is hosted on a different domain, meaning you can pass along a great deal of trust to it from your site. This makes your links to it much more valuable.

You can further this benefit by encouraging others to link to your Twitter profile as well, such as including it in an author byline when you do guest blogging, which will improve the amount of authority it receives from search engines.

5. Keep Your Tweets Focused:

While it’s certainly fine to have some fun with your Twitter account and vary your tweets every once in a while, you need to try and stay focused and regularly publish tweets that are on-topic and keyword-rich.

It’s important to keep in mind that your main Twitter profile, in Google’s eyes, is very much like any other page with a headline, body copy, and links. As with any other page, if that content is keyword-rich, it’s more likely to be ranked well. Thus keeping your tweets focused lets you keep that copy keyword-dense, giving Google exactly what it wants to see and encouraging it to rank your Twitter page higher than other, less-focused accounts.

Hope you enjoyed the tips for today!

Looking forward to any feedback or further tips you ma want to share :)

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    Really good – it’s easy to think of Twitter as only a social platform rather than as a website with links, keywords etc.  Definitely a good reminder! Especially good about linking Jo @SFEmporium

  6. Stay on focus for the most part, I take the view that some opinion on unrelated subjects actually adds a bit of a ‘human’ aspect to it. Helps the conversation flow too.

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  9. Twitter is a social network, not a medium for spamming, & in the event you overwhelm your readers with spam, no will cease by anymore. It may be tempting to spam, but you will never benefit from it, so do not waste your time.

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