10 Twitter Satirists That Will Put The Snark In Your Day

Satirists are truly a unique breed of comedians, they are the passive aggressives of the comedy world. The purpose of their routine, usually, is to shame and humiliate culture and society into improving. Being limited to 140 words forces a satirist to pack a bigger punch in each word, and this list compromises of some of the best satirists on the medium.


Andy Borowitz is a comedian, satirist, author and is the person behind the Borowitz Report. You can expect the same smart, timely and hilarious commentary that you have grown to expect from the Report. Absolutely worth a follow.

SP Jokes Never get old!


Any frequent traveler can reflect on a slew of traumatic experiences they have suffered under the hands and equipment of the TSA. Agent Smith is kind of like your psychiatrist; by reliving some of those experiences and seeing them through the eyes of a comedian allows you to work through your traumas, and makes your see your TSA experience through the eyes and mind of Agent Smith.



Satirists tend to stick to politics and social issue but this Tweep really aims wide; sports, educations politics, science and many others are within his range and sometimes his tweets are just interesting.

Low blow!


Peter Sagal is the the Host of NPR’s “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!,” a comedian with a dry and witty sense of humor and if you are a fan of the show this is a must-follow.

I like mine DRY!


If you have ever had an annoying neighbor, you will be able to empathize with Charlie McDowell’s plight; he lives under a couple of very ditzy girls and he vents by tweeting some of their conversations and sometimes commenting on them as well. He starts every tweet with “Dear GAM”  where GAM stands for “Girls Above Me”.

I feel his plight.


There are many problems in the world so it helps to get a bit personal and focus on the problems that face you instead. So this Twitter feed addresses that and tries to deal with the problems faced by an obnoxious, condescending, and frivolous socialite. Oh the drama of having to deal with boyfriend problems, not being thin enough and sex issues, but on the up side you realize how tiny your problems are in comparison to hers.

Oh the drama!


Who ever thought that there is humor in Nebraska! Tim Siedell probably has some of the best one-liners on Twitter and he’s one hilarious fellow.

No comment


Satire so good that there is a Tumblr dedicated to those fools who thought it was real news. The Onion Twitter offers us the best thing about the Onion: its headlines.


A constant presence back in the ’90’s who disappeared off of the face of the earth in early 2000’s and now is a regular guest on NPR. Her sense of humor really stems from her awkward existence.

It's still a joystick, no?


The queen of humorous self-depreciation, Kelly Oxford, is a mother of three little kids offers her commentary about pop culture and the culture of her kids. She has garnered a great following and even people like Robert Ebert are fans of hers.

Then they should go and make a living out of it!

Are there any other satirists that you might add to the list? Share with us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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