16 Top Free Twitter Content Sharing Services

If you are a Twitter user, you do know that sharing valuable information on Twitter is highly recommended. Whether you would like to share a picture, a video, a link or even a piece of news, there are many ways to do so using different services.

Today, we will be introducing to you 18 top free content sharing services divided into 6 different content sharing categories:

1. Photo Sharing:


Photo Sharing

  • Twitpic: One of the top content sharing tools allowing users to easily post pictures to the Twitter microblogging and other character-restricted social media service. (This is also one of the most popular service for Twitter in general).
  • Flickr: A Flickr2Twitter integration enabling Twitter users to share posted content on their Twitter accounts using a simple web-based sharing button or via email/mobile using a unique “2Twitter” email address.
  • Plixi.com: Plixi allows users to instantly share their photos to popular social networks through mobile devices and on the web. Moreover, it specializes in providing an innovative open API, and mobile SDKs, to the developer community of Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Foursquare and more to come.
  • Twitsnaps: Twitsnaps gives you detailed stats for your tweeted photographs. You can learn about the latest visitors of your photograph, number of views of uploaded photographs, and photographs with maximum views.

2. Music Sharing:

  • Blip.fm: Blip.fm integrates with Twitter (among other sites), and allows you to share tracks back out to your Twitter friends with one click once you have synced your accounts. It also allows you to set up a DJ channel with the world and your friends.
  • Swift.fm: Users can share music tracks with friends by either tweeting in a special format or uploading a track directly through the Swift.fm site. Swift.fm also takes all the songs your friends “swift” and turns it into a custom radio station.
  • Twt.fm: Uses OAuth to connect you to your Twitter account then recreates your Twitter page, including your background and avatar, to store your playlist of music tweets, each including a Flash-player.

3. File Sharing:

Sharing Files

Sharing Files

  • TwitDoc: The highest ranking Twitter file sharing service available online. With only a few clicks, drags and drops,  you can share documents, photos, and videos on Twitter.
  • FileSocial: While the service requires no login with a Twitter account you need, however, to first give your permission to the site to access Twitter. Once you’ve granted access and entered your tweet you’ll be able
    to share the files you want.

4. Video Sharing:

  • Youtube – Youtube allows to link your Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader accounts to Youtube and automatically send out an update as soon as you upload a new video.
  • Twitvid: A great service for uploading videos from your webcam, phone or computer.

5. Snippet Sharing:

  • Pastebin: the most popular web application which allows its users to paste snippets of text, usually samples of source code, for public viewing.
  • Pastie: Pastie is for the geekier people, but is one of the most popular in this field. The site is built for simplicity. Just visit it, paste whatever you want and hit ‘Paste’. One of Pastie’s main features is that you can choose which coding language you’re pasting and it color formats automatically!

6. Link Sharing:

  • TinyURL: One of the best URL shortner and analytics services available online. Allowing you to easily fir your links in the otherwise jammed 140 character Twitter messages.
  • Bit.ly: A great URL shortner and analytics service.”The magic behind Bit.ly are the stats that the service makes available on the underlying domains being clicked“.
  • ow.ly: In addition to the URL shortening and analytics service, Ow.ly also added the social bar feature for a better sharing, linking and retweeting experience.

Hope you find these tools useful and valuable for your tweeting experience :)

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions!

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  1. Amer Kawar says:

    My favorites are twitvid, bitly, pastebin and of course, flickr. Great list!

  2. Larisa says:

    Good service, very well set-up dashboard! Thank you

  3. g. c. says:

    I would suggest http://2.ly for URL shortening and link sharing great for having the shortest link result! Let me know if you like it! :D 

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