5 Reasons Why Your Twitter Avatar Matters!

When using Tweepi, or any other following tools, your avatar can play a very important role in whether tweeps decide to follow you or not.

@beiruta - My Twitter Avatar

@beiruta - My Twitter Avatar

Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Recognition: It has been proven that human beings are wired in a manner which allows them to recognize and remember faces. Therefore, if you use a picture of your face in your avatar, you have a higher percentage of being remembered by your followers.

  2. Expression: What your expression says in your avatar can actually be a factor in determining who follows you and why! Let’s say your smiling, a sincere smile is considered engaging and attracts people to you but a goofy smile might give off an unprofessional impression.

  3. Intrusion: Sometimes, especially if you’re using a logo for your avatar, your many tweets might seem more intrusive! Seeing a logo appear 5-6 times on my Twitter home page is far more annoying than seeing a unique or expressive avatar repeated several times.

  4. Uniqueness: Flash-generated, Japanese animated avatars are not the solution! Sure they are very easy to create but they are repetitive and make you “just like millions of others out there”!

  5. Meaning & Relevancy: DON’T BE AN EGG! Your avatar should tell a story about you, your company, your service, your product, what you do or who you are and so on. Unless your account is promoting pet shelters, try to avoid using pets as avatars. The more the relevant your avatar, the more it will stick to your follower’s memory!

What do you think? Do you agree? And do you have any further tips for our readers?

Looking forward to your comments down below…

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10 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Your Twitter Avatar Matters!

  1. BradyDale says:

    What if you draw a comic? Are you better off using a drawing that fits your comic, or should you stick with a photo.
    Maybe I should go in between and do a self-portrait?

    1. Beiruta says:

      If it’s a comic that represents you and you are convinced with it, then you should go for it!

  2. CassieRae says:

    Black & White photos look cleaner, more graphic.

    1. Beiruta says:

      I personally prefer colors cause they look more sincere when u have a face shot :)

  3. Amer Kawar says:

    I agree. Don’t be an egg!!

  4. tonyknuckles says:

    Ugly people like me need constant adjustments

  5. Jack Barrow says:

    I like this, it all makes sense. I may have to rethink my shadowy face, unfortunately I dislike my non shadowy face :o @JackBarrowBooks

  6. jojo mabuza says:

    I dont like dull avatars ,such a turn-off

  7. Ben Anderson says:

    As much as I dislike my appearance I think it’s always better to include an actual image of yourself as your avatar. The logo thing works for huge brands but not for your SMB. I also think it’s important to mix things up occasionally and put in a new picture of yourself to give followers a chance to learn more about you through images rather than just your tweets.

  8. Dan Johnson says:

    I agree, people like to see who they are talking to.

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