5 Simple Steps to Going Viral on Twitter

Going Viral!

Successful viral marketing on Twitter is not as simple as many assume, however, with the right guidelines and steps, it can be done and bring about a rewarding outcome!

Therefore, for today’s post, I will be sharing you 5 simple steps to going viral on Twitter:

1. Call on Action:

Don’t take retweeting, or lack of it, lightly. An RT is a way to show your Twitter friends and followers that you care about them and about the content they share with you. If retweeting is the action you wish your readers to take, the best way to persuade people to do it is to motivate them to by asking or offering incentives. When tweeps retweets your content, they’re very likely to also repost your call to action, lending it their credibility and influence.

2. Timing is King:

There is a window of time during which sharing on Twitter occurs more often so you should keep an eye on the following:

  • The first few days of the business week.
  • Monday through Wednesday (weekends are usually slower).

3. Links Rule:

Almost 70% of all retweets contain a link. Therefore, if you want to spread your off-Twitter content, you should make sure that you do utilize links in your tweets. However, make sure you do mix it up with other types of tweets now and then and do not spam your followers with ads!

4. The Peer Effect:

The more the tweet is tweeted, the more likely it would catch on faster. So one tactic to increasing your retweetability could be to message or otherwise persuade influential tweeps or friends on twitter to retweet your content for you, in order to stimulate further organic retweeting. This can be especially powerful if you can get well known users to share your content, as they’ll then be lending their authority and reach to your message as well as your calls to action.

5. Value:

From my experience on Twitter, I found out that certain types of posts, links and topics get more retweets than others in general so you should try to focus on them as much as possible if you are aiming to be retweeted more often.

  • Tips, how tos and instructional content
  • News (especially breaking news)
  • Warnings (like the DM phishing scam)
  • Freebies and contests

Hope you enjoyed today’s tips!

Looking forward to any feedback, suggestions or questions you may have in the comment section below :)

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2 thoughts on “5 Simple Steps to Going Viral on Twitter

  1. These are great tips. At the moment I’m trying to build a strong following for my (dutch) website “geld verdienen met twitter”. My goal is to build a following that is following me because they want to, and not because I started following them first. I think these tips are of great help, but in real life it is hard to go viral. I have done it in the past, but I seem to sometimes miss something when I am trying to repeat the process. 

    My tip for everyone reading this: Keep track of what you do and when you do it. Analyze and try repeating the process. I’n not there yet, but I’m getting the hang of it. 

    Dennis – The Netherlands

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