5 Tips to Make Your Voice Heard on Twitter

Regardless of your reason to want your voice to be heard, it seems to me that social media has established itself as the trendiest “fashion” of venting and complaining publicly; it is like a confession board available for all to see – a documented manifesto placed into social media users’ hands!

Therefore, in efforts to help you voice your concerns, thoughts, worries on Twitter more effectively, here’s a list of 5 ways we thought of:

People Grumble!

People Grumble!

1. Group Up:

Misery enjoys company thus, the more people you have one your side, sharing your opinion and supporting your cause, the higher the reach and effect of your message! Try to talk to those who seem both interested and willing to help fuel your cries, doubts and concerns, preferably privately through Twitter direct messages for example.

2. Tone Down:

The common belief is that the angrier you are and the more aggressive you can be, the faster your message would spread and be heard. I disagree! You can be subtle yet get your message through and actually get results just by being logical, factual and real about what you think and how you feel!

3. Expand Within:

Do not limit your voice to one social media venue. Twitter is great for sharing short meaningful messages but it is never enough to deliver the overall idea and explore your problem or dilemma from inside out. I suggest that after using Twitter for a fairly reasonable time to team up and get the buzz started, you add Facebook groups and/or causes into the mix!

4. Be Consistent:

The more general and diverse your causes, concerns, worries and complaints are, the less people would be interested to hear them!

5. Be Convinced:

Sales people who do not believe in the products or services they are trying to sell always fail, the same applies here! Unless you are truly dedicated to your cause and 100% convinced that it is valid, you will lose your audience’s interest and therefore get no tangible results – a more frustrated you!

What do you think? Do you agree that using Twitter to voice your concerns can really be useful and effective? Have you ever tried it?

Looking forward to your comments and feedback :)

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  1. Toni Aull says:

    Yes, I believe it is-explosively short and focus to the point-long rubbish blah blah loses my interest.

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