5 Tips for Your Twitter Content Marketing Strategy

Marketing your brand on Twitter is incredibly important for any business. The use of social media channels like Twitter to promote products and services has become a necessity because of the mass popularity and daily usage of social media sites where your target customers are. Because of this, your social media marketing strategy needs to be efficient and unique to your brand because of the amount of competition on sites like Twitter, where you need to stick out and engage your target audience through all the noise. This article discusses a few tips how to optimize your content marketing strategy using Twitter.

How to Write Compelling Content and Tweets that Help you get More Followers and Keep Them Engaged

Twitter has become a go-to platform for marketers to promote their offerings to a vast segment of target customers. Here are 5 tips that can be used to create good quality content tweets that will help you engage users on Twitter:

1. Write Clear, Concise, and Compelling Tweets

Tweet about something that is engaging but easy to understand in just a few words, instead of trying to cram in several things. People are busy and there’s a lot of noise on Twitter. So, if you post Tweets with a lot of content that is not easy to quickly read, people will look right over it and not engage. You don’t have to spill the beans on all you want to disclose to get someone engaged with the Tweet, yet you can keep it a little vague to prompt action.

Ex. Let’s say you are trying to promote a new blog post about Taylor Swift on your ‘celeb blog’ where the tweet may look like:

#TaylorSwift spotted in #NYC with a new bf – you won’t believe who it is! (link to post here)

Moreover, the link shortening option on Twitter allows you to do easy back linking to your website or blog.

2. Visually Interactive Tweets

Twitter not only allows you to add images but short videos and GIFS which can help make your tweet quite interactive and engaging. It is believed that a person is three times more likely to engage with a tweet that uses visual media. Most people will engage with a picture first then read the content, so try and keep it visual to grab their attention in all of the noise on Twitter.

3. Up Your Hashtag Game

Hashtags are not only fun, but are a necessity for marketing on Twitter. It kind of works like SEO is to Google but within Twitter. Use your business related keywords, content relevant keywords in hashtags too so that more people can easily find your tweets. Don’t overload the tweet with them but keep it to one or two hashtags per tweet. You might also link your tweets with trending hashtags if they seem relevant to your services.

4. Twitter Surveys

Twitter is a great way to know more about your target customers preferences. You can tweet open-ended questions or use Twitter polls to get more quantitative data about the customer like and dislikes. This can give you valuable explicit feedback if you’re trying to find a better product market fit, improve customer service, or a variety of other things too.

5. Consistent Interaction

Twitter is not only a tool to reach out to your customers but you can also interact back and forth with them. Replying to customer opinions and queries is a good way to prove your worth and recognition of them. Likes, retweets and replies to their tweets will engage them more and also get you seen by their followers too, which helps you gain more followers over time.

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