5 Twitter Etiquette Tips for All Twitter Users

Twitter Etiquette

Twitter Etiquette

Tweeting “right” is not a piece of cake, especially if your intentions go beyond the random act of tweeting to actually promoting products, services and/or people.

Therefore, for today’s post, I”ll be sharing with you 5 Twitter etiquette tips that work for all you Twitter users out there:

  1. Avoid text speak and “dnt tlk lyk ths”- if you are not able squeeze a proper sentence into 140 characters (or, ideally, less), just keep on trying; nobody likes random, incomplete and senseless sentences!
  2. Find the balance between being overly negative and too happy. Neither are enormously popular except with others like them. Don’t be somebody you’re not, but if the real you is a jerk, a sap or a fraud, you should probably work on it.
  3. It goes without saying, but trolls, bullies, spammers and stalkers are not welcome (MySpace would work better for those!)
  4. If you want more followers on Twitter, act as if you already have all the followers you want. If you want more retweets, act as if you deserve to be retweeted. Need more replies? Act as if you don’t need any at all.
  5. Don’t send people automated ‘welcome!’ direct messages when they start following you. It is frowned upon and, simply, annoying!

Hope you enjoyed our tips for today.

Please don’t hesitate to share with us your insights and feedback down below :)

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10 thoughts on “5 Twitter Etiquette Tips for All Twitter Users

  1. Very good tips for Twitter users…

    and the ReTweet button is not working… Do something about it…

    1. Beiruta says:

      Thank you for letting us know – :) Glad you liked the tips :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great tips!

  3. Lisha says:

    Those are great tips for Twitter. Thanks!

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  4. Ozio Media says:

    How about not joining in on a conversation unless you have something of value to add? I get that Twitter is a place to connect and communicate with people, but joining in on a conversation for the sake of tweeting something is not the way to get noticed. I think most people tend to brush off the people that do this.

  5. NYCDesign says:

    how about who died and made you the mayor of web etiquette? 

    1. Frances Bean says:

      These are basic common sense tips. Are you over your period yet?

  6. Annalena says:

    i can’t say I am completely new to twitter as I have been lucky enough to acquire a great bunch of interesting-fun!- people over the course of some 2 months or so; thank you for these tips- only wish I’d been 2 indoctrinated” sooner.. as some  twitters fell by the way-side ( I do believe in courtesy and would apply it anywhere; so why is it that so may decent people drop this most civilised behaviour when they believe themselves unseen…?
    Like most of us i am keen for good interaction- but not at all costs ( the quantity of followers that imply ” we are here because we care about numbers.. for the sake of it!” are easily recognizable… but how does one then get to the quality ones?)
    Very good post- so how can I, too, please make good for my “teething mistakes”: like any beginner, I made many; but none as terrible as… ( Oh well) Thank you so very much!

  7. Frances Bean says:

    Those automated greetings are SO annoying! 

  8. Petrichor says:

    I like the first one most of all (and this applies to Facebook as well). It really annoys me. It reflects poorly on the tweeter and gives the impression of his / her being careless and / or uneducated.

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