5 Twitter Features You Might Have Missed

Within every service, there are some features and tools that the website provides and puts out there which are not part of its core offerings, however, they are still quite useful. Finding those tools and features can go a long way in learning the in’s and out’s of the service and Twitter is no different. Therefore, here are 5 features that you might have missed on Twitter:

Twitter for Business

an Excellent Resource

The Twitter for business section of the service is invaluable for anybody who wants to utilize Twitter for their business. This section has an introduction to the service and its basics, some case studies and explanation of the methods of advertising that are available on Twitter. It will help you understand promoted trends, tweets and accounts and also it will explain the analytics that are available to advertisers on Twitter.

Who To Follow & Browse by Interest

These two features have been there for a while; when you log-on to your account on the Twitter website, you’ll be able to see it at the top of the page. These two features are invaluable to finding new people to follow. The first feature – Who to Follow – will suggest people for you to follow based on the people that you are already following and certain other criteria. As for the “Browse by Interest” feature, it will allow you to browse recommendations that are split into 18 different categories. So if you feel that your Twitter feed is a bit bare, be sure to check those two features out.

Twitter Tales

If you need to be Inspired you know where to go!

Sometimes when people first start using Twitter they are unable to grasp how others are using it or for what purpose, or sometimes long time users of the service want to break away from their routine and they want to get inspired and learn some new ways to use the service, and that’s where Twitter Tales comes in. The Twitter Tales section of the website offers inspirational stories about how people have used the service, and some of the creative ways that Twitter has been used. The stories are split into 7 different categories; Sweet, Clever, Fashion, Art, Life, Community, and Humor.

Search on Twitter

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: to really stay on top of information that is available on Twitter, you need to master the search operators of the service. While everyone knows the standard search operators that are used across the board, Twitter also has a few unique ones that are of interest. On Twitter, you can search based on the mood of the tweet, whether happy or angry, you can also search based on the geographical location. So if you need a refresher on the operators be sure to check our Tweepi tip post on the topic.

Use Lists

Lists are truly one of the most important features in Twitter to help you make sense of the buckets of information that are dumped on you on daily bases. Surely you don’t care about religiously following everyone on Twitter and on day-to-day bases you only care about a handful of individuals, putting them in a list might save you a lot of time. Moreover, having lists might have the added benefit that others will stumble on your account and follow you as well, just because you have made a useful list that they care about following.

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3 thoughts on “5 Twitter Features You Might Have Missed

  1. Beiruta says:

    I can’t believe that I’ve been using Twitter for almost 3 years now and I have never noticed most of these features!

  2. Kloutbait says:

    Hi – is this the wrong way around? It is on your site as 
    280,373 users followed & unfollowed390,279,899 tweeps using Tweepi

    1. Amer Kawar says:


      Those numbers are actually outdated. More that 350,000 people have used
      Tweepi so far, and they used it to follow and unfollow more than 500,000,000
      times on site. Never said unique :)


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