5 Ways to Bypass Twitter’s Blocks & Censorship

Are you a Twitter addict that happens to be stuck in China, Iran, or even the White House? If so, chances are you won’t be able to get your Twitter fix, but worry not for as long as there is an internet connection, there is way!

Today, we will be going through 5 ways of bypassing Twitter’s blocks and censorship to help you get your fix:

Twitter Blocks & Censorship

Twitter Blocks & Censorship

1. Use your instant messenger: If you are using Gtalk, Msn or Yahoo add the user “imified@imified.com”. As soon as you start chatting with that user(bot), you will be provided with a menu and it will create an account for you on imified. Select “My Account” from the main menu by typing 4(default) and you will be redirected to the imified website and there you can add the Twitter widget and add it to your account menu. Therefore, when you access it you will be able to get notification and update your status. This will allow you to easily update your Twitter timeline from anywhere you can access your IM, even on a phone. That’s just the tip of the iceberg of what you can do with imified!

2. Use your email: Browse to twittermail and enter your Twitter credentials and they will supply you with an email address. By using that secret email address you will be able to send and receive tweets using your email account, the message body of the email sent will be the tweet.

3. Use your phone: If price is not an issue, you can access a service such as twitwoop which provides an IVR platform that allows you to access your Twitter account. Through the mobile, you can check for updates and even leave voice messages on your Twitter timeline, all you have to do is call one of their numbers and follow the instructions.

4. Use a Twitter alternative interface: There are quite a few Twitter interfaces and Twitter clones out there, you can use them to log into your Twitter instead of using twitter.com. A couple of great services are Watwet and identi.ca, which are Twitter clones that you can configure to connect and update your Twitter account. Watwet also provides an international SMS number to update your account through – which if configured, updates your Twitter account as well.

5. Use a Proxy: Now while many free open proxy sites are usually blocked, you can be a step ahead of them. If you plan ahead of time or have a friend do you a favor, you can install a nifty little program from Torproject then use Firefox with the Torbutton plug-in. After you follow the instructions for the installation, all you would have to do to access Twitter is to enable the torbutton on your Firefox and it will be business as usual. That will be an excellent way to provide you access to not just Twitter but any other website or service on the internet.

So unless they decide to block all international calling and internet access there will always be a way for you to get your Twitter fix, and if all else fails and you just can’t accept your inability to post on Twitter there will always be a service to Twitter by snail mail.

Looking forward to any further tips you might ant to share about this subject in the comments section below…

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2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Bypass Twitter’s Blocks & Censorship

  1. g. c. says:

    it seems that watwet is down!

  2. Twitizer says:

    Twitizer (twitizer.com) supports 3 of the options you mention above:

    2: Send e-mails or MMSs to your unique Twitizer address

    3: Via voice recordings instead of calls, but the end result should be similar

    4: Twitizer can be used this way too, even though it’s more focused on complementing Twitter with multimedia (which is interesting in itself) than blatantly copying Twitter’s features

    Free to use. Clicking on ads is optional.

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