6 Things About Twitter that Make Me Mad!

I love Twitter, I really do; I love how it connects you to people from all over the world, people who would never ever get the chance to meet otherwise! I also love how it helps you promote different products, services and people while having to stick to a certain number of characters which, naturally, teaches you how to be creative in a unique manner.

The Angry Twitter Bird :)

The Angry Twitter Bird :)

However, there are a few things about Twitter that can drive me (and many others) nuts. So, for today’s post, I will be sharing those things with you in order to help you realize what you should try to avoid when using Twitter so you will get less unfollows and more follows:

So what are the things that make me mad wen it comes to Twitter?

1. “So-Called Gurus” on Twitter:

Whether you are an expert in marketing or any other field, I think claiming that you are a “guru” is very pretentious and annoying. I actually know many so-called gurus who have less followers than regular, sharing and active tweeps!

2. Twitter Users with Eggs as Avatars:

I usually look at the avatars of those whom I intend to follow on Twitter. To me, an “egg” avatar is somewhat insulting in the sense that thousands of Twitter users took the time to make sure they have unique avatars while those with the egg avatars didn’t even bother. Here’s the thing: I will not follow you if you had an egg for your avatar, regardless of how active you are; others agree with me as well!

3. Bio-Less Twitter Profiles:

Your Twitter profile is your introduction to new followers as well as a great way to put yourself on the internet map, therefore, you should invest time in creating a strong bio for yourself. If you don’t, you will probably be unfollowed using applications such as Tweepi.4. Aimless Mentions:

Mentions are supposed to have a certain value or provide some type of gratitude or information, otherwise, they are just plain annoying! Try to always make your mentions count because otherwise you will cramp up your followers’ stream for no reason and that could easily get you unfollowed.

5. Tattletales:

One of the most things that annoy me about Twitter is that some Twitter users will mention you in tweets saying that you have unfollowed them when they have not been following you to begin with, which is childish and unfair as well. Therefore, before you go on making other tweeps look bad, make sure that you have put the effort into following them back.

6. Inactive Tweeps:

There are hundreds of inactive tweeps out there. Moreover, there are those who would follow you back and never talk to you or retweet you. Those tweeps do not deserve your follow.

Hope you enjoyed our list for today.

Looking forward to your comments and insights down below :)

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9 thoughts on “6 Things About Twitter that Make Me Mad!

  1. I absolutely agree with everything in your article! The self-proclaimed gurus are the ones that really annoy me the most. 99% of the time, it is just pure fluff!

  2. Peter Payne says:

    I wish Twitter would bite the bullet and remove accounts with no activity for 1+ years. Come on guys.

  3. W.C. Camp says:

    I agree with most of these however I currently do follow ‘Egg’ avatars as long as they participate once in awhile. I will never understand the idea of just collecting followers but never contributing to the conversation? If Twitter has a point, I would guess basic COMMUNICATION skills are a pre-requisite! W.C.C.

  4. DeadMeatGF says:

    That whole list makes you sound like your whole goal in life is racking up tweets and followers like some needy Facebook friend-whore. Try and remember we’re not all networking-crazy self-branding products and some of us use Twitter for fun.
    I, for one, couldn’t care less if I have one follower or a million, and if someone’s inactive maybe you should leave them on … they’re not clogging your feed, and when they do tweet it could well be that “Golden Tweet” that makes your day.

  5. Dahne says:

    I agree with being selective on Twitter but this makes you sound kind of petty.  I don’t care what someone’s avatar is and I rarely read the bio.  I look at what they have been tweeting and how often.  I would rather have a small amount of followers who I know and talk to than a large amount that simply clog my timeline.  In fact, my biggest pet peeve about Twitter is people who tweet too much so I have more than 100 tweets when I get home from work.  I am sometimes guilty of this too and quite honestly, I would unfollow me.  I don’t think being unfollowed is a personal thing and I have lists to keep track of people who tweet a lot so I can still keep track of what is going on with them when I have more time.

  6. Racha says:

    What i hate about twitter … is posts like these that presume “guru”-ness

  7. The one thing I hate about Twitter is that it is more becoming like a one-way road. However much you tweet or retweet non-commercial messages, they are almost always followed by an eerie lull! This is unlike Facebook where at least someone will break the ice with a “like.” Come on, you either agree or disagree to a tweet, but how can you afford to keep mum?

  8. Liz says:

    “There are those who follow you back and never talk to you or retweet you.” Is this a requirement of using Twitter? Some of us are better listeners that communicators, or they would rather observe what others are saying without making a (public) contribution themselves. When you sign up for Twitter, this is the first piece of advice that you get. Isn’t this okay? Do we really want everyone that is on Twitter talking all the time? Somebody has to just listen.

  9. Rachelle says:

    I do agree with number 3, I like reading other peoples bio’s and learning more about them.  I see it as wasted space when it’s left blank, and I am less likely to follow.

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