9 Authors & Writers That Leave Their Print on Twitter

Twitter has become the bookworms’ dream book club. Imagine having access to your favorite authors and having conversations that include them and their fans all at your finger tips. Authors actually felt right at home and adapted well to the 140 character platform


Neil Gaiman, the author of the popular comic book series “Sandman”, is very popular on the service. Gaiman talks about his books, travels, every day concerns and usually replies and talks enthusiastically with his fans.

The only Comic book artist on the list


The celebrated author, essayist and poet was one of the first authors to take the dip in the digital waters of Twitter and managed to gather her fans around her and set an example for other authors. Expect a lot of tweets about environmental issues, fan conversations and some gems about authors in the digital age.

A community builder


Intelligent, witty and full of quotable zingers. Colson’s Twitter account has plenty of retweet worthy gems.

A real life Huey (Boondocks)


The spooky author does not live up to his reputation on Twitter. While his tweets might not be as spooky as expected, they are still very amusing and engaging. Expect plenty of conversations on this one, but they are well worth digging into.

Humours for someone who gave me the scares of my life as a child


A veteran of social media, a long time blogger and master of the nerfighters; people who fight for intellectualism and reducing the general amount of suck world wide.

Even in serious times!


A very animated tweep: even within 140 characters, she still manages to be very animated. It’s a thrill to follow her on Twitter, even though she usually ends up talking about some very random and bizarre things.

Tweets that leap from the screen


The Brazilian author of several best sellers tweets in English and Portuguese. He’s a supporter of peer-to-peer file sharing and occasionally pirates his own books on Piratebay, so getting a best seller for free is certainly an incentive. Another would be to retweet his quotes.

Always the pacifist


The Below the Beltway columnist has a very humorous Twitter account that makes fun of everything on the face of this earth, especially authority.

Always the humorist


Sometimes a bit too much on the existential and introspective side of things yet reading his tweets makes you pause, and think; something we don’t get to do often enough these days.

Thought provoking tweets

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  1. Beiruta says:

    @Beirutmuses should be on this list :P

  2. RolandoGomez says:

    There are also more niche specific authors, like myself, author of five photography books with three more do out soon. My focus is photography, though sometimes on writing, as I’m a writer too. A writer writes blogs, magazine and newspaper articles. An author writes books ;) You can follow me on twitter if you like photography tips, @rolandogomez Thanks!

    1. RolandoGomez says:

      of course it’s “due” not “do,” problem with a quick edit ;)

  3. As an author my self I recognise  the elegance of the written word, and the skill of doing it in 140 characters has to be admired

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