9 Doctors To Get Valuable Medical Advice From on Twitter

Medical advice is a very sensitive issue and if you ask any honest doctor online, he will start by cautioning that you should visit a doctor for the best possible advice. However, sometimes it’s just easier to get an understanding of your concerns online or perhaps seek advice from a doctor or learn something new about health and healthy living.

Today we will introduce to you 9 amazing doctors on Twitter who can give you the medical advice you are looking for:


The popular TV show’s account is a valuable resource. Not only do you get some previews about the upcoming show and its topic but every Tuesday, a doctor takes his time to answer tweets and advise people on a varying number of issues from relationships to child rearing.

The popular TV show on Twitter


Howard Luks is a doctor that really gets social media; he is very active and friendly on the service and, unlike many other doctors you see, engages in many conversations via his feed which makes him very approachable for advice.

The Social Media Doctor


Another medical TV show with a prominent presence on Twitter. Dr. Mehmet Oz is a cardiac surgeon and host of the show Dr. Oz. He’s very down to earth shares a lot of interesting articles and occasionally provides advice through his account.

Doesn't This Give Them an Excuse to Fail?


Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D. is an interesting figure to say the least. His Twitter feed is dedicated to talking about healthy living and there are always conversations going on around his tweets. On the other hand, if you ever have a question about the effects of some any drug from chocolate to morphine, he’s the person to turn to.

The Integrative Medicine Pioneer


Dr. Kelly Sennholz is a bit different than the previous tweets, her feed is more of a mix bag of goodies. While it’s still medicine centric account, Dr. Kelly delves into politics, technology and even gives some management tips every once in a while. A good all around feed.

Dr. Kelly's mixed bag of goods


Sanjay Gupta, the infamous CNN chief medical correspondent and neurosurgeon. Sanjay is great; even after having more than a million follower he still replies to mentions, interacts with people through Twitter and even lets us know what is going on with his life or if he needs a haircut.

A Medical Correspondent Superstar if there was ever one


A big proponent of getting healthy through natural means, Paul Worsham is a chiropractor so not exactly a doctor but still very relevant to this list. He has the bad habit of tweeting headlines without their links, so you might have to plug that headline into Google to get to the article, but he’s still a great resource if your interested in learning more about supplements and getting healthy naturally.

Interesting medical perspective


William Yates tends to focus almost exclusively on medical news and the findings of new research.

Interesting medical research news


The preeminent place for medical information on the web is on Twitter as well. While they have several specialized accounts covering heart, cancer, and diabetes news, this is their main account and they post links to discussions, quizzes and posts on the WebMD website.

A best medical source of information on the web

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    I wonder if the person behind the @TheDoctors account is the cute handsome blondie :P Just kidding :) Great post!

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    If you have back or neck pain, @ZeroSpinePain offers a ton of great content on how to relieve chronic pain, as well as educate on non surgical and minimally invasive procedures.

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    Great stuff, I’ll definitely start following some of these.

  4. Great post and yes social media is changing everything around us.

  5. If we didn’t get the medicine or tablets which doctor suggested. Can we take alternate tablets which same compounds. Because in some medical shops particular medicine or tablet not available they providing supplements to that.  Does it advisable?

  6. Twitter & other social media forums are fabulous for sharing general
    medical information, and if used properly can be a wonderful tool.

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