9 Twitter Tips and Tricks To Get More Treats From Your Tweets


The social media universe is very busy and it can be very hard to make your Twitter profile stand out amongst all of the competition. If you want to stand out though, you need the right Twitter tips and tricks to get more treats from your tweets. We have put together some of the best Twitter tips from professionals so that your profile gets noticed and gets more followers. 

Be Brief

Twitter, by its nature, is designed for brief messages. There is more to a tweet though than 140 words. People in today’s world want brief messages that get straight to the point. The more you work to boil your message down, the easier it will be for people to read.

Know Your Shorthand

There is a lot of shorthand that is used on the Internet. It is important that you understand as much of that shorthand as possible. People will reply to your tweets with this shorthand. You will also need to know what shorthand you can and can’t use in your tweets. It isn’t professional or advised for some industries to use some shorthand while others might be expected.

Make A Brand

A brand is more than just color and images. A brand is about who your business is. Your brand takes on a voice that must always be followed. This voice is what people expect to hear when they read your tweets.

Hashtag It Up

Using the hashtag is an important part of being on Twitter. The hashtag allows people to easily find your Tweet when they search. When someone clicks on a hashtag they are also brought to all other Tweets that use that hashtag. This is great for networking your Tweets. It is also great for getting people talking about you or your brand.

Format It Through

One might think that with only a 140 words there is not much formatting to do, there is plenty, however. You want to make sure that any links you include are shortened, this makes the Tweet easier to read and the link easier to use. Then you want to make sure that photos are not too big. Properly sizing them so they fit in your profile.

Embed Tweets In Your Content

Whether you are writing content for your own website or for another source, you should highly consider including Tweets. Tweets can be added to your content with easy code. You can do it through your Tweet. The more often you embed Tweets, the more exposure you build up.

You Can Schedule Your Tweets

If you try to Tweet at just anytime you will find your Tweets not getting the exposure that you want. This is because while some people might be on Twitter around the clock, most aren’t. Timing your Tweets for when your target audience is online will help you to get more reception to each Tweet. You can do this through one of the many Twitter scheduling websites.

Monitor Your Success

You will never be able to improve your social media presence if you don’t know how you are doing. That is why it is important to track the success of your efforts on Twitter. Business users on Twitter have access to a variety of different statistics that can help them analyze how well they are doing. They can learn what posts are effective, and which ones aren’t. With this information, you can learn how to get the best Tweets.

Live Tweet It

When there are popular events there are always people that can’t make it. Some of these people are at home, some of them are at work. No matter where they are, there is a large amount of them that will turn to Twitter to see how the event is going. By live-Tweeting an event you are able to gather the interest of a big percentage of people. Make sure to implement those hashtags that we were talking about earlier.

Learning how to get the most out of Twitter will help you to make the most of your business. These helpful Twitter tips will up your chances to attract much more attention to you or your brand without having to spend a dime on ads. Make sure to stay on top of your Twitter account and check it regularly. A small amount of work can take you a long way.

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