9 Authors & Writers That Leave Their Print on Twitter

Twitter has become the bookworms’ dream book club. Imagine having access to your favorite authors and having conversations that include them and their fans all at your finger tips. Authors actually felt right at home and adapted well to the 140 character platform


Neil Gaiman, the author of the popular comic book series “Sandman”, is very popular on the service. Gaiman talks about his books, travels, every day concerns and usually replies and talks enthusiastically with his fans.

The only Comic book artist on the list

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HOW TO: Reactivate Your Twitter Account

In the past, the deletion of a Twitter account was permanent and not only that but you will also be unable to use the email account that you have tied to your deleted Twitter account. Now things in Twitter have slightly changed and you actually have a chance to recover your deleted account.

Even with a warning some people deactivate their accounts.

So if, for whatever reason, you found that your Twitter account has been deleted; whether it was a vengeful ex, a hacker or a fit of rage, you have 6 months before your account is permanently deleted.

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10 Financial Tweeps That Have the Scoop

In the fast moving financial world, having the right piece of information could be the difference between making profit and going belly up. Therefore Twitter seems to be the proper medium to disseminate a torrent of timely news bullets but the problem lies in the reliability of the source which means picking the right source to follow makes all the difference (although, at the end of the day, the investor should be responsible for his/her investments).


Dr. Doom was one of the first people to predict the economic downturn and give valid advice for how to get out of the recession. His Twitter feed tends to mostly document his various travels and talks around the world but, on the other hand, he also links to his blog, the RGE monitor, which is an invaluable place for global financial analysis.

Who said the truth can't hurt anyone?


While Krugman tends to delve into politics more so than the majority of economists on the list, he is still a voice to be heard. He seems to represent the more conservative side of economics and the Nobel Laureate doesn’t hold back any punches when it comes to voodoo economics.

Krugman's finest

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9 Companies Worth ($$$) Following on Twitter

Usually when you are following a company or a brand, it’s for one of three reasons; you are a true fan of the brand and want to support it, you have some gripe with this company that you want to voice or resolve, or you want to keep an eye on it for some news and special offers. So we have selected Twitter feeds that satisfy this and much more.


Threadless is a Chicago based hip online T-shirt retailer that manages to bring a certain awesomeness to everything they do and their Twitter account is not lacking in awesomeness. Besides the fact that you will want to click on every new T-shirt design that they link to on their account, you will also get first dibs on some of their special offers and contests. The account also comes with a side of humor as well.

Plenty of offers

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