The Top 100 Most Twitter Followers List

Twitter is one of the most used social media platforms. There are hundreds of millions of users on Twitter from all over the world, but do you know who has the most Twitter followers in the world?

Here is the list of who the Top 100 Most Twitter Followers:

1- KATY PERRY, @Katyperry, #92,105,461

2- Justin Bieber, @ justinbieber, #86,882,457

3- Taylor Swift, @taylorswift13, #80,656,630

4- Barack Obama, @BarackObama, #76,919,758

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9 Authors & Writers That Leave Their Print on Twitter

Twitter has become the bookworms’ dream book club. Imagine having access to your favorite authors and having conversations that include them and their fans all at your finger tips. Authors actually felt right at home and adapted well to the 140 character platform


Neil Gaiman, the author of the popular comic book series “Sandman”, is very popular on the service. Gaiman talks about his books, travels, every day concerns and usually replies and talks enthusiastically with his fans.

The only Comic book artist on the list

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9 Companies Worth ($$$) Following on Twitter

Usually when you are following a company or a brand, it’s for one of three reasons; you are a true fan of the brand and want to support it, you have some gripe with this company that you want to voice or resolve, or you want to keep an eye on it for some news and special offers. So we have selected Twitter feeds that satisfy this and much more.


Threadless is a Chicago based hip online T-shirt retailer that manages to bring a certain awesomeness to everything they do and their Twitter account is not lacking in awesomeness. Besides the fact that you will want to click on every new T-shirt design that they link to on their account, you will also get first dibs on some of their special offers and contests. The account also comes with a side of humor as well.

Plenty of offers

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9 Doctors To Get Valuable Medical Advice From on Twitter

Medical advice is a very sensitive issue and if you ask any honest doctor online, he will start by cautioning that you should visit a doctor for the best possible advice. However, sometimes it’s just easier to get an understanding of your concerns online or perhaps seek advice from a doctor or learn something new about health and healthy living.

Today we will introduce to you 9 amazing doctors on Twitter who can give you the medical advice you are looking for:


The popular TV show’s account is a valuable resource. Not only do you get some previews about the upcoming show and its topic but every Tuesday, a doctor takes his time to answer tweets and advise people on a varying number of issues from relationships to child rearing.

The popular TV show on Twitter


Howard Luks is a doctor that really gets social media; he is very active and friendly on the service and, unlike many other doctors you see, engages in many conversations via his feed which makes him very approachable for advice.

The Social Media Doctor

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