15 Great Ways to Use Twitter To Market Your Business Successfully

Great Ways to Use Twitter To Market Your Business Successfully

Check out the top tips from marketing pros, business leaders, and Twitter experts, on how you can turn those 140 characters into online marketing gold.

So, how can you use the popular social media network, ‘Twitter’ to drive more traffic to your website or business? To answer this question in an effective manner we have compiled a list of some amazing tips from dozens of marketing pros, business leaders, and Twitter experts. These experts have proven their capabilities by marketing their services, products, and brands using Twitter.
Here are 14 great ways to use Twitter to market your business:

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Buying Twitter Followers? Think Again. Here’s Why.

If you’re thinking about buying twitter followers, you really need to think twice about it before losing your money. There’s a lot of snake oil selling companies on the web that promise they can get you 100s to 1000s, to 100s of thousands of visitors within 24 hours, a few days, or weeks. Let us help save you some pain. Don’t do it!

Why not buy twitter followers? I mean, it seems like such a deal, right? Wrong. You get what you pay for – really! Those running scams of buy 1000 twitter followers for $6 or buy 10,000 followers for $25, etc. are a total scam. They claim they’re “real followers” when in fact they’re 99.8% bots for fake accounts.

These “fake” twitter followers do nothing for you and/or your brand. You may have the “quantity” but will lack “quality” big time.

Here are a few reasons why you should not buy followers on Twitter.

#1 Very Low / No Engagement

When you buy followers on Twitter, you aren’t getting people who are interested or willing to engage with you or your brand. You are just buying numbers for your follower counter. Most likely not one of all your new and supposedly “real followers” will ever like or retweet any of your tweets. Let alone “buy” anything from your brand. Instead, you wasted a bunch of your time and your money buying crap.

#2 You May Have to Spam Your Followers

There are some Twitter Follower services that will ask to access your Twitter account. You don’t want to allow this. Why? Because they are likely going to send out multiple tweets as a way of advertising their way to increasing your follower count. This will most likely lead to annoying your real followers (assuming you have them) and will result with them unfollowing you. That’s not good. Why put in the time and effort to build your following, just to allow some fly-by-night service to piss off your followers so you can gain less engaged followers, let alone fake followers and bots. Don’t do this.

#3 Hurt Your Brand Reputation (You or Your Company)

Don’t be fake and sell out. It’s not too hard for people on Twitter to sniff your account out pretty quickly to see if you have a real following or a lot of fakes. If it looks like fake followers, people view it as BS and not engage with you, hence “follow” you. Sometimes, you’ll get some people or brands that call you out in tweets where other people can view them too. This can further damage your reputation and will require more of your time and effort to clean up your act. But, that’s likely not the primary reason you’re on twitter, since you’re looking to grow – not clean up a mess you made.

#4 The Twitter-verse Will Find out

People can easily see who follows you or take a glance at your recent tweets, how often you tweet, and how many likes and retweets your tweets get. You’re not fooling anyone who matters with shady tactics. Again, it’s super easy to sniff out if you or other accounts have real or fake followers with tools like: Fake Follower Check and Bot or Not
So, if your reputation, time, and money is important to you. Spend it on quality tasks and services that will help you build on a good quantity of twitter followers who are more engaged with you or your brand, opposed to all that time, effort, and money wasted on buying a lot of followers who will do nothing but hurt you.

#5 Use Tweepi to Get Real Twitter Followers

Good thing for you, there’s Tweepi. We’re trusted by over a million users and growing like crazy. People and brands trust us every day to help save them a lot of time, effort, and money to grow a more engaged following of users on Twitter.

We help you find the right users to follow and engage with who in turn will have a higher propensity to follow you back and engage with you too. Tweepi’s leading unfollow tool will help you clean out undesirable users who may not follow you back, are egg profiles, or bad avatars, this way you can continue to follow better users and get more to follow you back.

Many of our users find great value in your premium plans that help them spend just a little time to get maximum value every day getting more followers, likes & retweets on their tweets, new customers, and more.

You can try out Tweepi for free and when you’re really ready to accelerate your Twitter following and maximize your ROI, you can easily upgrade to any of our premium plans. We’re positive you’ll love using Tweepi to get more followers – just like millions of people do everyday with us!

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Use this Twitter hack to find and keep your true fans

If you’ve used Tweepi, this situation may sound familiar, and you probably need this Twitter hack. You have an aggressive goal to grow your brand’s follower base–and fast. As you follow new people, many tweet back thrilled that an organization they love is now following them. Some have been fans and followers for years. But your following-to-follower ratio is creeping ever higher.

This is exactly the situation I found myself in recently. I wanted to preserve a healthy follow ratio, but with all that excitement, I didn’t want to risk unfollowing any of the brand’s uber-fans. How to separate the wheat from the chaff–at scale?

I discovered an easy way to solve that problem through IFTTT (If This Then That). If you haven’t used it before, IFTTT allows you to link different online tools to execute more complex tasks. Each set of actions is called a “recipe.”

For example, if a user posts on my hashtag on Instagram, then email me a link to the post. If rain is predicted tomorrow, then trigger an iPhone notification. If I need to get out of a meeting, call my phone. (For real!) They have a whole section of recipes to streamline social media that every social media pro should be aware of. Try it out — the more you use it, the more uses you’ll find for it.

The Solution

Back to my problem. Through IFTTT, I created two recipes: one that dumps out a list of accounts that mention my brand’s Twitter account to a Google Drive spreadsheet (Recipe 293233), and another that dumps a list of usernames whose tweets I’ve faved (Recipe 293235).

Since my brand is mentioned a lot, I created the second one as a more manual workaround in case I wanted to identify a select group of people. (I manually faved tweets thanking us for following them.) Then I let the recipes run until I had a solid list of usernames.

Once you have your list of accounts, the rest is easy. Go to the Follow Tools dropdown in Tweepi and click on By copy/paste. Then simply copy your list of usernames from Drive and paste them into the field. Hit Submit and then safelist your best fans, using any additional filters you need (who’s following you back, location, etc.).

Less manual solution (all mentions):

Twitter hack: IFTTT Recipe - Make a list of the accounts that mention you on Twitter connects twitter to google-drive

More manual solution (faved tweets only):

Twitter hack: IFTTT Recipe - Make a list of usernames through a fave on Twitter connects twitter to google-drive

Which recipe you use depends on what your ideal follow ratio is, and your bandwidth for manually faving certain users’ tweets. I ended up using the latter.

I found my Tweepi/IFTTT Twitter hack to be a very useful tool to scale up a Twitter following while nurturing true fans. I hope you do as well!

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10 Funny & Misc. Twitter Sites

  1. Curse Bird: Find out who’s swearing on Twitter
  2. Tweet What You Eat: Tweet what you’re eating at the moment – track your calories and weight
  3. Foodfeed: Similar to Tweet What You Eat, but just the tweet info
  4. Xbox 360 Gamer Tag:  Automatically update twitter with what you are playing at a certain moment
  5. Trackthis: Track your packages via Twitter with this tool
  6. Bkkeeper: Share what you’re reading on Twitter
  7. Commuter Feed: Share tweets on traffic and transit delays
  8. Foamee: Fun way to tracks who you owe coffee or beer to
  9. InnerTwitter: Signals you through chimes where you have to let go of your thoughts.
  10. Post like a Pirate: Talk like a pirate on twitter
  11. Roll the dice:  Give you the power to roll a dice on twitter. Useful when you’re betting or playing games with your friends.
  12. Xpenser:  Track your expenses with twitter
  13. Twithire: The place where you can tweet job postings
  14. GasCalc: Tracks your gas usage and MPG on Twitter
  15. Fuel Frog ($): iPhone App with Twitter integration that also tracks Gas Usage and uses Twitter.
  16. Deal Tagger:  Shop and share on Twitter
  17. Textgasm: Tweet your secrets
  18. Twitter Nonsense: Daily Twitter Comic Strip
  19. Twitterbox:  A Twitter Client for Second Life
  20. Stocktwits:  Lets you follow stocks on Twitter.
  21. Twictionary:  A repository for all sorts of words used on Twitter.
  22. TweetValue: Tells you how much your profile is worth in US dollars.
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