How to Choose Your Twitter Headlines

When thinking of posting any type of content or reading material on Twitter, the most important thing to consider is your headline and it value. Your headline is more of a promise than a “catch phrase” thus a good headline promises some kind of benefit or reward in exchange for attention. That reward could range from an amusing diversion to the solution to a pressing problem.

One of the best ways which you could utilize to guarantee that your headlines always offer a compelling “reward” is to use the 4-U approach:

Your headlines must:

  1. Be USEFUL to the reader,
  2. Provide him/her with a sense of URGENCY,
  3. Convey the idea that the main benefit is somehow UNIQUE; and
  4. Do all of the above in an ULTRA-SPECIFIC way.

It is also very important to consider the length of the headline you are using seeing that it should not be too long that it takes up most of your 140 character limit yet it shouldn’t be too short that it ends up being useless!

Finally, never underestimate the power of good content since the headline can only grab attention but maintaining it and reducing your bounce rate is what you should be after in the long-run.

Happy tweeting everyone!

Looking forward to your feedback and comments in the section below :)

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    yes its true lets not forget your catch phrase while posting or tweeting about topic………

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