How to Clean Up Spammers Using Tweepi’s Presets (1)

Spam, spamming and spammers represent a huge controversial topic these days and Tweepi might just be the tool you are looking for to identify and cleanup spammers!

Since there are numerous ways to use Tweepi for identifying and cleaning up those annoying – good-for-nothing – spammers, we will dedicated this section to help you learn about each and every one of them!

Today, we will see how you can easily identify spammers using the number of followers vs. number of friends presets.

Identifying Spammers Through Followers Vs. Friends

The number of followers preset allows you to see the number of tweeps the user is following. When that number is very high compared to the number of tweeps following back, usually it means that this tweep is most likely a spammer!

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4 thoughts on “How to Clean Up Spammers Using Tweepi’s Presets (1)

  1. M.Bamieh says:

    That’s an excellent tip

  2. Captain Jack says:

    I find this logic flawed. According to this tip, I look like a spammer. Yet I do not sell anything on my twitter account nor do I get paid to run it. The best way to find a spammer is to read their tweets. No software program can do that unless you can program it to read tweets and block out key words like “buy, sale, offer, etc.”

    Captain Jack
    USCG Master 100 Tons

    1. Bruce Miller says:

      Hey Captain Jack,I agree with half and disagree with half
      I’m in agreement about you being looked on as a spammer as also I would be because at the moment I am in the process of trimming down the people I follow which had climbed so that I could find our who would follow me and then if they didn’t after a short period I drop them off again. The second part of your argument however is flawed also because selling product does not make someone a spammer only a seller. They can sell without stooping to dirty tricks.

  3. Geez.. Simple yet exact tips to follow .. Thanks

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