HOW TO: Reactivate Your Twitter Account

In the past, the deletion of a Twitter account was permanent and not only that but you will also be unable to use the email account that you have tied to your deleted Twitter account. Now things in Twitter have slightly changed and you actually have a chance to recover your deleted account.

Even with a warning some people deactivate their accounts.

So if, for whatever reason, you found that your Twitter account has been deleted; whether it was a vengeful ex, a hacker or a fit of rage, you have 6 months before your account is permanently deleted.

To restore your account there are 2 options:

  1. Send an email to from the email address that is attached to the Twitter account. In that email you should include your username, your intention of restoring the account, and the subject ‘restore my deleted account’ . They will added you the list of people waiting for a restore and it will usually take anywhere from 4-6 weeks for your account to be restored. When your account has been fully restored, you will be notified by email.
  2. Fill in the form on the Twitter Help Center and select ‘restore my deleted account’ from the drop down.

According to many who have tried the two options, sending an email tends to get the job done much quicker than filling in the form. My suggestion is try both.

However, if you are waiting to use the same email address to start a different account then you would have to wait 30 days after the activation to be able to do that.

The only accounts that you won’t be able to restore are those deleted by Twitter due to illegal activities. Personally, I think the way that Twitter deals with the issue is way better than the way Facebook deals with it. There are Facebook users who can’t even get a reason for why their accounts have been suspended and there are others that don’t even want the account but would like to start a new account with the same email address.

Have you found this article helpful? Do you think Twitter has better customer service than Facebook? Share with us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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23 thoughts on “HOW TO: Reactivate Your Twitter Account

  1. Beiruta says:

    Great tips. However, i don’t think it’s fair to compare Twitter and Facebook in terms of customer service since I think Facebook is way too “advanced” when it comes to its platform, maintenance and so on.

    However, I think Twitter is doing a great job following up on accounts and so on – only when your tweet count does not drop without your notice that is ;)

  2. Meganlholt says:

    I just tried this method- I am keeping my fingers crossed that it works! Unfortunately, they do not allow you to email that address anymore. Hopefully, it will be reactivated just as quickly through their site.

    Thank you!!

  3. Senthil says:

    Thanks man! It was helpful! Like Meganlholt said, they don’t support option 1 in this article. Fingers crossed. Thanks a lot!

  4. DotNetNukeGirl says:

    That was really helpful.  Thanks.  The email address is not longer being used as I found out via an auto-respond message.  However, the form link is great.  Thanks!

  5. Saranghaex21 says:

    omg tysm! i actually wanna delete my twitter (because im so addicted to it, but i need to concentrate on school, lol) , but i was hoping there would be a way to get it back in case i wanted to use it again.

    i will deff try this. (:

    1. Umama_97 says:

      Can you help me activate my account ?

  6. Akemi Mokoto says:

    I was suspended for 2 weeks and Twitter never emailed me why I was suspended. I contacted Twitter and they replied 2 weeks later and told me they will give me my account back, but the background was removed. They said it was due to porn. Thing is, it was upper nudity of an anime character and she wasn’t doing anything. Porn is sexually explicit or contains images or videos depicting sexual organs. Tits are NOT sexual organs and we all know that. So Twitter needs to revise its terms of use. Since it has its OWN definition of porn, they should define it. All and all I LOVE Twitter FAR more than Facebook. It is a great place to voice your opinions or get the news out. 

  7. G. Calamita says:

    That is a great new; I happened to see “disappearing” my linkedin account and I restored it because linkedin has a way to do that. Wow, all of my connections seemed gone away!

  8. Umama_97 says:

    How do I Reactivate my account in 1 day?

  9. Txdragonbaby says:

    How long do it takes for your followers to come back when you reactivate your account?

    1. Dalida Dee says:

      couple of hours

      1. Caridee 96 says:

        are you sure my followers will come back?

  10. how to check my email inbox?

  11.  how to reactivate my account?

  12. Llunapark says:

    How can I view another persons account that was deleted yesterday?

  13. Llunapark says:

    How can I view another persons account that was deleted yesterday?

  14. Potterhead78 says:

    How many days will take until my account is not suspended anymore?

  15. Loudorionjohnson says:

    how long does it take for my followers to restore after my account only been deactivated for a couple days ?

  16. Art2cherish says:

    Why cant I log in/out of my twitter account please

  17. Vanessa says:

    I sent the email earlier and it said it was unable to restore my account because it’s been over 30 days :( I just did the second option and it said it will take a few days to get back at me.. hope it goes well and i get my account back!

  18. Medo_essam777 says:

    why  4-6 weeks :( whyyyy :( i want my twitter account please :(

  19. anne buchanan says:

    i am trying to get my twitter reactivated but getting nowhere dont know what else to do it is very frustrating wish there was a phone number it would be so much easier

  20. Jasmine says:

    What if I forgot the email attached to my twitter account

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