How to manage your Twitter account: The Tweepi Presets

To make following and unfollowing people quicker Tweepi has awesome presets. The presets are designed to help you focus your attention on the stats that are most important to you and will help change the setup of Tweepi to reflect those stats most efficiently.

6 Presets for Efficiency

Default Preset: This is the standard setting that Tweepi will load in. It will display Twitter stats such as the time of the last tweet, the number of tweets during the past 7 days, and their Klout Score. Klout Score is an interesting measurement of online influence, simply it measures how likely will followers be interacting of the Tweep, the higher the score the more influential the Tweep and to get a more detailed view just click on the score.

Active Users: Much like the Default view, it also adds the total number of tweets the user has to give you a perspective of how active they were over their Twitter life. Adding the Link’s Ratio column will help you decide whether that Tweep is a conversationalist or a content curator.

High Reach/Influence: This displays a Tweep’s followers, friends (those followed by him/her), and the number of ReTweet’s sent during the past 7 days along side their Klout Score.

Talkers: This preset highlights the number of replies a user has made during the past week, along side his tweets and total number of tweets. If you use Twitter to converse or follow and talk about trending events and hash tag this will help you follow those who would talk with you.

Avoid Linkless Ramblings: Just like the name implies, this will provide you with a number of tweets during the past week, the number of those that contained links and the links ratio. If you are trying to promote a blog or a website this should be your primary preset.

Higher Followers to Following Ratio: This will help you identify the celebrities, those who have a ratio in the thousands can safely be described as the Twitter socialites. If you add the RT column you will also be able to pick those who actually are willing to carry your messages forward to their own followers.

By using the presets and tweaking them slightly to match your style of using Twitter you will be able to gain a deeper insight into your followers and those that you are following.

Note: The Klout Score is the measurement of your overall online influence. The scores range from 1 to 100 with higher scores representing a wider and stronger sphere of influence. Klout uses over 35 variables on Facebook and Twitter to measure True Reach, Amplification Probability, and Network Score.

Do you wish Tweepi had another preset to help you do what you do in less time? Tell us now and we’ll add it if we can.

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