10 Twitter Mistakes You Should Avoid

Twitter Mistakes to Avoid

Twitter Mistakes to Avoid

When you are roaming the web, searching for valuable Twitter related tips, what you really want is tested tips that are effective and straight to the point.

Therefore, for today’s’ post, I will be sharing with you a list of 10 simple and direct Twitter mistakes you should avoid when using Twitter:

  1. Thou shall not blabber.
  2. Thou shall not follow random tweeps just to increase one’s number of followers.
  3. Thou shall not be inactive and complacent.
  4. Thou shall not talk too much about oneself and one’s achievements.
  5. Thou shall not expect to be retweeted if thou do not retweet in return. Continue reading »
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Cleaning Up Your Twitter Followers #tweepi #tip

In the “Manage Twitter” part of Tweepi, you have 3 geeky tools to choose from:

  1. Flush Unfollowers
  2. Reciprocate
  3. Clean Up

Today, I will explain to you what “Clean Up” is all about in order to make sure you benefit the most from using our Tweepi!

Tweepi Clean Up Tool

Tweepi Clean Up Tool

What is “Clean Up”?

“Clean Up” is similar to Spring cleaning; taking out all the things you don’t need and cleaning up in order to make your home cozier and tidier!

What Clean Up does is similar. It enables you to take a look at all the Twitter folks you are following and decide, based on certain criteria, whom you should keep following and who you should unfollow.

Whether you hate bots, spammers and linkless ramblers or you are annoyed by inactive tweeps, the Clean Up tool was created to help you filter out the deadbeats and keep those who are worthy of your follows!

Enjoy cleaning up your Twitter account!

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