9 Must Follow Fictional Characters on Twitter

Everyone is on Twitter nowadays and there are plenty of characters that continue living their social (media) lives on the service. So here are 9 fictional characters that you should be following if you like some humor, fiction or satire in your feed.


The world’s favorite fictional dad, might be the worst one as well! He is truly in character on Twitter and always has some of the funniest commentary on some current events.

Another Homer


Any fan of “Arrested Development” will recognize the name immediately. He’s the first licensed Analyst and Therapist, Analrapist for short, and a master of the sexual double entendres.

The confused "Doctor"


Ever wonder if Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman, is a sleazy and dirty old man who took in Robin for less than honorable reasons (Gymnast…hint, hint!). Well then, this Bruce Wayne is the one that you have been looking for, a bat time feed that will make you go from zero to eww in no time.

Wondering how Kelsey Grammar sounds? Google it!

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