5 Tips for Choosing “The Right” Twitter Name

Apart from your Twitter avatar, what would influence your choice of people to follow on Twitter? How many Twitter users have you unfollowed due to their user names? What is the best method for companies to benefit from Twitter user names?

So what’s all the fuss about?

“No one cares anyway”… Right? Wrong! Take a look at the following comments:

@Kurd said “I have blocked people before based solely on their avatar or name, if it was offensive enough. Or if I’m following someone with, say, a puppy avatar with the user name “ILoveLife” but at some point they’ve changed their avatar and name to a spread-eagle model named “SexFrosting.”

I’m sure many of you out there would agree to what this gentleman had to say, and I’m 100% percent certain that you’ll have one story or another about bad or annoying experiences with at least one of your followers’ user names!

First Impression Matters :)
First Impressions Matter…

But what defines a “good” Twitter user name?

Based on many encounters with a bunch of followers and my own experience, I can safely say that one or more of the following characteristics define a good Twitter user name:

  1. It Should Be Real: If your Twitter user name is your real name, people would feel more comfortable following you on Twitter because you are less likely to be a spammer!
  2. It Should Describe You: So, you don’t want to use your real name? It’s not a problem as long as you use one which describes who you are, what you do and what tweets your followers should expect from you!
  3. It Should Be Short: The shorter, the better, since this makes it easier for your followers to retweet your tweets and mention you.
  4. It Should Be Unique: “@Puppylover”, “@Doglover” and “@Lovespuppies” are not that unique! You want to use a user name that will be remembered!
  5. It Should Be Sincere: If you are not a guru, don’t claim to be one in your user name! This applies to everything else ranging from claiming to be a doctor to claiming to be an active tweep!

** Avoid: Offensive names, celebrity names, bot-like names and too many numbers and/or symbols in your user name. Continue reading »

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10 Tips for Keeping Your Twitter Followers Hooked

Tweepi cares about whom you follow and unfollow. Just like FFhelper, it was designed to make your Twitter experience more fun and valuable.

Therefore, I have decided to share with you ten simple tips on how to cut through Twitter’s noise clutter and keep your target audience hooked!

1. Please, please, cut the crap!

We all should know that there is nothing called easy money. Therefore, you should refrain from sharing or spreading tweets such as: “The best way to make money online http://miniurls.it/qYTNe4“. Not only is this kind of tweet considered spam, it is also annoying and can easily demolish your Twitter credibility.

2. Know your followers:

And no, I don’t mean start making house visits to each and every one of them! I am just asking you to take some time, visit their blogs or websites, know what they are trying to achieve from their Twitter experience. It’s not all about you! Even in a virtual world, there is always tit for tat!

3. Don’t get hung up on numbers:

Many tweeps out there have thousands of followers yet the content they try to promote fails to attract anyone. Use Twitter tools such as Tweepi to manage your followers, see how active they are, reciprocate follows and remove those spammers who flood your home feed!

Reciprocating follows through Tweepi
Reciprocating follows through Tweepi

4. Monitor the links your retweet:

Sharing links is a great opportunity to promote yourself, your product and/or your service. However, it is also a sneaky way to promote violence, racism and more dramatic subjects. So please, take a minute to check out the link you’re about to retweet, for it may really cause harm to someone’s life! Continue reading »

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5 Reasons Why Your Twitter Avatar Matters!

When using Tweepi, or any other following tools, your avatar can play a very important role in whether tweeps decide to follow you or not.

@beiruta - My Twitter Avatar

@beiruta - My Twitter Avatar

Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Recognition: It has been proven that human beings are wired in a manner which allows them to recognize and remember faces. Therefore, if you use a picture of your face in your avatar, you have a higher percentage of being remembered by your followers.
  2. Expression: What your expression says in your avatar can actually be a factor in determining who follows you and why! Let’s say your smiling, a sincere smile is considered engaging and attracts people to you but a goofy smile might give off an unprofessional impression. Continue reading »

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How to manage your Twitter account: The Tweepi Presets

To make following and unfollowing people quicker Tweepi has awesome presets. The presets are designed to help you focus your attention on the stats that are most important to you and will help change the setup of Tweepi to reflect those stats most efficiently.

6 Presets for Efficiency

Default Preset: This is the standard setting that Tweepi will load in. It will display Twitter stats such as the time of the last tweet, the number of tweets during the past 7 days, and their Klout Score. Klout Score is an interesting measurement of online influence, simply it measures how likely will followers be interacting of the Tweep, the higher the score the more influential the Tweep and to get a more detailed view just click on the score.

Active Users: Much like the Default view, it also adds the total number of tweets the user has to give you a perspective of how active they were over their Twitter life. Adding the Link’s Ratio column will help you decide whether that Tweep is a conversationalist or a content curator.

High Reach/Influence: This displays a Tweep’s followers, friends (those followed by him/her), and the number of ReTweet’s sent during the past 7 days along side their Klout Score.

Talkers: This preset highlights the number of replies a user has made during the past week, along side his tweets and total number of tweets. If you use Twitter to converse or follow and talk about trending events and hash tag this will help you follow those who would talk with you.

Avoid Linkless Ramblings: Just like the name implies, this will provide you with a number of tweets during the past week, the number of those that contained links and the links ratio. If you are trying to promote a blog or a website this should be your primary preset.

Higher Followers to Following Ratio: This will help you identify the celebrities, those who have a ratio in the thousands can safely be described as the Twitter socialites. If you add the RT column you will also be able to pick those who actually are willing to carry your messages forward to their own followers.

By using the presets and tweaking them slightly to match your style of using Twitter you will be able to gain a deeper insight into your followers and those that you are following.

Note: The Klout Score is the measurement of your overall online influence. The scores range from 1 to 100 with higher scores representing a wider and stronger sphere of influence. Klout uses over 35 variables on Facebook and Twitter to measure True Reach, Amplification Probability, and Network Score.

Do you wish Tweepi had another preset to help you do what you do in less time? Tell us now and we’ll add it if we can.

Tweepi: Adding/removing columns

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