Top 10 Things That Make Twitter A Treat!

Twitter Value

Twitter Value

What is the real value of social media? What makes “the act of tweeting” a delicious treat?

Despite the stubborn stands against “tweeting” claiming it’s a waste of time and breach of privacy, it seems that Twitter does provide value to its users!

The top 10 value-driven reasons to use Twitter are:

  1. The marketing coup: Through consistent use, thousands of individuals and companies are utilizing Twitter to increase Web traffic, or to perpetuate a brand.
  2. Using Twitter, as opposed to E-mail, Blogs and Instant messaging, provides the value of fast and compact communication. If used correctly, Twitter is an attractive tool for sharing relevant content quickly with interested users.
  3. Twitter holds a high value to corporations. It helps them learn new things from their audience and in turn teach their target about their services/products; thus promoting collective intelligence.
  4. Twitter proves to be a very good way to connect with current friends and meet new ones in an engaging environment. Furthermore, Twitter provides its followers with the luxury of “venting” to friends about feelings, likes, dislikes, interests and so on.
  5. Twitter is everywhere! It has solved the problem of staying in touch when you’re not physically bound to your computer! Through Twitter, you can keep up with the buzz even when you’re on the move, with text or IM.
  6. Twitter can help people become better writers. How? Well, eventually, Twitter users are forced to be concise, exercise their vocabulary and improve their editing skills!
  7. Twitter cares about its developers! By opening an API, Twitter allows the information stored on its servers to be accessible by others, thus allowing developers to create applications that can make the Twitter experience simple/more fun.
  8. Twitter gives its users real-time large scale interaction unmatched by any other service available.
  9. Twitter is an addiction: it brings its followers the true social meaning of value; Microfame! By providing the psychological comfort of allowing them to quickly form an entourage, Twitter gives followers the feeling that they are important and do belong to a community or a crowd they seek to be a part of.
  10. Finally, Twitter keeps you up to date with the hottest topics through different services such as Twitscoop.

For now, my answer is: To tweet! What is yours? I’m waiting for your comments down below! :)

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  1. g. c. says:

    Try Twitscoop is great! :D

  2. Mjtaylor says:

    What  I like best about your list is the note that Twitter offers businesses a chance to learn from their market. Good point! 

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