Top 5 Android Twitter Applications

There are numerous Twitter applications for every mobile platform, and the Android market is full of them.

So, for our post today, we will be sharing with you the top 5 Android Twitter applications including their features and their value:

1. Plume:

Plume handles all Twitter functions very well, and concentrates on making tweeting as easy as possible. A number of home screen widgets are included. There is a free ad-supported version, and a paid version ($3.33).

2. TweetCaster:

This app is a full featured Twitter app that also has Facebook integration. The interface is designed for easy access to all of the standard Twitter functions; there are a number of widgets included with TweetCaster. TweetCaster has a unique way for hiding annoying tweets without the need for unfollowing the tweeter and it is free!



3. Twidroyd Pro:

This app has a feature that no other Twitter app includes: the Live Preview display. When the Android device is turned to the landscape orientation, the timeline remains on the left of the screen with a preview of the selected tweet occupying most of the display on the right. This is particularly useful on tablets with larger displays. The Live Preview automatically shows linked web pages without opening the browser. Free and paid versions ($3.99).

4. Twitter:

This official app from the Twitter folks is a significant improvement over the app as originally released. The timeline is presented in a straightforward manner, with advanced search capability for finding the people and tweets that you want. Free.

5. TweetDeck:

This application is known for one of the most attractive interfaces designed for the Android touchscreen. The multiple columns feature show just the information desired, while indicating at a glance if new information exists in each column. It has integrated Facebook support for tracking those updates. Free, including home screen widgets.



Hope you enjoyed our post for today.

Don’t hesitate to share with us your favorite Android Twitter applications in the comment section below :)

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9 thoughts on “Top 5 Android Twitter Applications

  1. Paul Cline says:

    No love for twicca?

    1. Beiruta says:

      Well, that is why your feedback is important. Tell us more :)

    2. Mira Anantha says:

      Yeah twicca! Everything your need is all there with many great plugin!

    3. Rahul Roy says:

      I agree with you, Twicca deserves a spot in the list..

  2. Paul says:

    Best app has got to be Tweetdeck. 

    That’s why twitter bought them.

  3. twicca crushes all apps

  4. My favorite for an Android HTC G2 phone is TweetCaster, hands down.  I do love Tweet Deck on the desktop but don’t like either the Android or iOS versions.  Wish Echofon would expand across all platforms.

  5. Wiselar says:

    TWICCA. Deleted all my other Twitter apps.

  6. Mypc Mag says:

    it could be the most reliable one…………

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