Top 5 Fun & Weird Twitter Applications

Bored of business related Twitter applications? Looking for some fun and news ways to enjoy your tweeting experiences and share them with your friends? We have exactly what you are looking!

Today, we will provide you with a list of top 5 fun and weird Twitter applications which will draw a smile on your face and give you something to do when you are bored. Enjoy :)

1.Twitdraw for Graffiti:

A simple tool to draw and color whatever you want! It is similar to Paint Brush yet you have the option to share it on Twitter and have different tweets add their own touches to your piece of art!

Graffitti via Twitdraw

Graffitti via Twitdraw

2. Anonymous tweeting via SecretTweet:

SecretTweet allows you to tweet your darkest secrets (or those of your friends) for Twitter to comment on. There’s  a mix of the funny and bizarre on the site, though there can also be sad ones as well.

Anonymous Tweets via SecretTweet

Anonymous Tweets via SecretTweet

3. Sending gifts through Twitgift:

Want to send a gift to a Twitter friend? Choose a gift and send a tweet to them, and if they accept it gets mailed out to them. You don’t even need to know their address, Twitgift takes care of this.

Sending gifts through Twitgift

Sending gifts through Twitgift

4. Get weird via Twitter Loo!

Get personal with your followers and tell them exactly what you’ve just done while sitting upon your throne! Simply fill in the fields below and post it to your Twitter!

Get weird via Twitter Loo

Get weird via Twitter Loo

5. Measure Wits using TweetyPants:

TweetyPants determines how smart (“smarty pants”) your Twitter friends are. In principle, it will empower you to furnish a Twitter username and then see how the person ranks when it comes to three different parameters: “Style”, “Shizzle” and “Smarts”. Of course, this site is for entertainment only. Don’t consider a computational analysis of a couple of 140 character tweets to be all that representative of reality.

Measure wits using TweetyPants

Measure wits using TweetyPants

Which one did you enjoy the most? Do you know of any others you’d like to share?

Share with us your comments below..

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