Tweepi Quick Tip: Sources of Inspiration

Sometimes it’s hard to find something worth tweeting about, or you might just be overwhelmed. So for those looking for inspiration, they should do the following; select 3-5 “pro Twitter users” and 3-5 “lite or less popular users” so that you can look to them for inspiration or you can just RT or reply to one of their tweets.

The people that you pick would need to:

  • Post less than 15 tweets a day
  • Have a fairly equal conversations to links ratio
  • Talk about topics that you feel passionate about
  • The less popular users need to be someone you know or have some relationship to

Put those people in a list and make it a daily habit of checking, interacting and replying to those people. This will not only get you active on Twitter, adding those people whom you have a relationship to will make your experience on Twitter more authentic and real. You can also use Tweepi to filter and choose people to add to this list.

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