Tweepi Tips: Top 10 Twitter Dos

What are the best Twitter practices an active tweep can carry out to make the best out of his/her overall Twitter usage?

Tweepi will help you figure out the answer for this question by sharing with you our list of top 10 Twitter Dos!

1. Show your gratitude: As prayers are important in life, “thank you” mentions are as  important on Twitter!

@han_dry giving thanks :)

@han_dry giving thanks :)

2. Send out love and smiles: You might think it’s lame, but gathering a group of people who bring  a smile to your face, through their tweets, and sending them a smile every once in a while makes a huge difference.

3. Greet Your Fellow Tweeps: – with “good morning” and “good night” messages as often as you can, let people feel that you do care to greet them and not just advertise to them!

4. Be Creative! Why stick to the traditional already available hash tags and follow recommendations? Create your own! 

5. Open links before retweeting them: You don’t want to end up advertising spam or “less than useful” sites or content.

6. Mix Up Your Tweets and Retweets: Try to tweet and retweet a variety of topics and issues, regardless of your main reason for being on Twitter.

7. Add Your Touch! When retweeting, when possible, trying adding a small comment, opinion or even a smiley to show that you sincerely care for the tweep who posted it.

Adding your touch to RTs

Adding your touch to RTs

8. Converse: As often as possible, answer proposed questions and ask some yourself. You’d be surprised how tweeps enjoy and appreciate that two-way more personalized approach.

9. Be Useful: Share links about valuable information you stumble upon online.

10. Follow Active Tweeps: Tweeps with big followers’ numbers are not always available to follow your tweets and proactively engage with you in useful or valuable conversations. Find those who tweet and retweet often about a variety of issues and follow them.

Hope you enjoyed our tips and that they will greatly benefit your tweeting experience!

Looking forward to your insights and comments down below :)

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    Thanks for the useful tips. Will try them

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      There are others here and there will be more posted next week :) Thank u :)

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