Twitter Etiquette: How To Be A Better Tweep! (1)

Just like any other social interaction, there are certain rules and criteria which are favorable when using Twitter.

Because Tweepi is not just a tool, but a new way of using Twitter, we will share with you some Twitter etiquette – in the form of tips – which could help you better benefit from your tweeting experience.

Twitter Etiquette

Twitter Etiquette

1. Retweet other like you want to be retweeted!

It is easy, simple and takes one click yet makes a lot of difference. Always remember that if you want other to retweet you, you should do the same.

2. Thank tweeps in various ways:

Whether someone retweeted you, mentioned you or recommended you, it is nice to thank them in return. Your thank you could be in the form of a short tweet followed by a gratitude hashtag, or it could be a counter retweet, mention or recommendation.

Check out Tweepi and FFhelper for tracking followers and those who mentioned or recommended you.

3. Refrain from too much DMing:

Nothing could be more destructive to your Twitter interactions than the auto-DMs which flood your followers’ inbox, especially that they are usually useless and countless!

4. Do not over advertise:

We understand that part of the reason why many people have a Twitter account is because they want to advertise themselves, their blogs, products and or services however, sending out many repetitive advertising tweets a day will only ause you to be unfollowed or even blocked!

5. Do not auto-tweet:

We might be interested in you or your company but no one really wants to know about your every action online; it is both boring and annoying.

We will be back with more Twitter etiquette tips from Tweepi soon. Stay tuned.

Looking forward to your comments and insights down below…

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