Twitter Ghost-Banned? 5 Things to Know and Do About it

Twitter Ghost Banned

Being a marketer or an active social media user requires a constant presence on the social media platform of your choice. For most people, that platform is Twitter. However, there is a growing issue affecting may users and that is being ghost-banned by the Twitter staff. 

If you intend to actively use Twitter or are already an active user, you need to take into consideration a few safety measures to help you stay in good standing with the Twitter QA folks. For the most part, these measures are focused on ensuring that you avoid the most common mistakes people make that lead them to being ghost-banned on Twitter. Also, keep in mind that if you are spamming other people on the site, then you are a prime candidate for getting ghost-banned fast.

Here’s 5 tips to help you not get ghost-banned on Twitter:

1/ Do Not be Selfish with the Content You Tweet

When using Twitter and most other social platforms, the only way the QA staff will know you are not a robot simply dishing out content is if you share other peoples’ content too. While some sites will give you the limit to which you can share your own stuff compared to the content from others, Twitter will allow you to tweet a lot of your own content. However, is you misuse this privilege; you will soon run the risk of being ghost-banned even without warning on your end. It is easy to avoid this predicament as you will simply retweet that, and share this link and other topics of your interest.

2/ Avoid Cross Posting Content

Many people make the mistake of having several Twitter accounts and then tweeting the exact same content from all these accounts at the same time. Twitter will not allow you do that and you will soon be ghost-banned without warning. That behavior is the closest thing to a machine simply opening multiple accounts and spamming the internet with your tweets. If you make that mistake, there will be no hashtags for you until maybe you revert back to using normal behavior. If you need content to be viral, you can use different accounts for different versions of the same content. In this way, you will have your content discussed online without having your Twitter account(s) ghost-banned. Also, simply seek interesting content that will get people talking and sharing.

3/ Avoid Tweeting Links with Poor Feedback

The people of the internet know what is interesting and what is not. If you post content that receives a lot of negative feedback, make sure you change that before it becomes a routine for you since the consequence is being ghost-banned. For the tweets that can make you money, a ghost-ban can be generated for affiliate campaigns and shady Twitter advertising methods. People want your idea, service or product to be interesting without their being made or forced to purchase or take part. If you are an experienced marketer, you know that the secret is not trying to squeeze money from the people but getting them interested as much as possible and ensure you are keeping your account away from a ghost-ban.

4/ Don’t Use Irrelevant Tweets and/or #Hashtags

If you use your Twitter account to post pictures of cats or other animals and use hashtags related to something very different from what your feline friends are associated with, you will very quickly run the risk of being ghost-banned. Keep your content relevant at all times and don’t just tweet nonsense. If you did not know, the more relevant the content and hashtags, the higher rate of engagement with your tweets. Also, having your content go viral has nothing to do with constantly tweeting your ideas. Most accounts will do with three tweets a day and have the most shared content online.

5/ Avoid using Twitter Automation Tools

Automating your tweets will definitely increase your risks of getting ghost-banned on Twitter. To stay clear of this, tweet at a normal rate. Avoid sending out 30 tweets in a single hour. That is just pumping out noise in the Twitter-verse… unless it is coverage of a live event or an ongoing conversation, you will risk the dreaded Twitter ghost-ban, and you will not be able to see your content. Automation will also not likely earn you many followers,  since people will eventually know there is a robot running your Twitter account. No one wants to read tweets from a robot.

Have You Been Ghost-banned on Twitter? 

If you are guilty of any of the above tips to avoid being ghost-banned, then there are a few things you can do before getting your Twitter account(s) back in good-standing. If this is your first Twitter ghost-ban offense, then it should easier to alleviate this being that you’re not a repeat offender. Now, you’ll need to remove any types of Twitter automation, tweet original content, share other people’s tweets, and ask then politely ask the Twitter staff admin to lift the ghost-ban on your Twitter account(s). If you fail to do so, you may simply have to open a new account and build out a new one. However, if you want to stay safe, just stay away from the mistakes above, and you’ll never get ghost-banned on Twitter.

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