Twitter & Vacations: Easy & Simple Tips

It had been two years and 6 months since I had taken an internet-less vacation and it was about time, so I finally did. However, for the 10 days I was away, I had this constant worry about how my vacation would effect my relationship with current and potential Twitter followers and how it would influence my klout score.

Honestly, I worried about it all throughout my vacation – given that I am a social media addict – and this is why I though about writing this post.

Twitter Vacation Joke

Twitter Vacation Joke

There are 2 main ways to go about this depending on the type of person you are and the place you are going to for vacation:

1) If you will have internet connection, you have one of two options:

a. Decide to use the internet regularly regardless of the extra roaming charges (this means you will have to keep up with your regular tweeting pace and make sure that you don’t deviate much from it).

b. Decide not to use the internet at all (go to option 2).

2) If you will not have internet connection at all:

Whether you decide not to use the internet on vacation or you simple don’t have access, you have two main options:

i. Schedule the tweets you want to send out before your vacation (this might take a a lot of time given especially if you would like to include #FF recommendations).

ii. Make sure you let your followers know, beforehand, that you will be away for a while and that you will be back with them as soon as you return from your vacation (you can also promise them some pictures and updates after your return or to send out some tweets in case you get the chance to).

iii. Ask someone to fill in for you (it has to be someone you trust and can depend on, preferably a colleague or a close friend who has some time to spare).

P.S: Always remember to focus on the human element of your Twitter interactions rather than issues such as the klout score and so on.

Wishing you great vacations and great returns!

Don’t hesitate to share with us your comments and insights in the comments section below :)

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    I wish I’d bead that BEFORE I went away! :)

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