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Back in 2009, Tweepi's founder Amer ran a blog about social media campaigns and wanted it to get noticed. So, we started manually interacting with users on Twitter. People who contacted us, people who re-tweeted us, people who have tweeted a certain #hashtag, or followed certain users within our niche interest. We started by learning how to use Twitter's API and streamline this process of engaging with other users.

We then started building Tweepi to help simplify the process of finding relevant users on Twitter, while being able to get better understanding of your followers and friends, as well as how your account is performing with helpful tabular data views so our users could sort and filter their account data with ease. With these tools and recommendations, we helped make the process getting more followers a lot easier, efficient, and cost-effective, where we never needed to buy ads.

A few months later, version 1.0 of Tweepi was born. Within months, we grew to a couple of thousand daily users, and knew we needed a technology upgrade. That's when Amer hired lead engineer, Alex, and rebuilt Tweepi together from the ground up to be more tolerant to having hundreds to thousands of users simultaneously using the application at any time.

As of today, we have over 1 million users in 183 countries around the world. We help marketers and businesses reach active and interested users Twitter users.

Tweepi does three things like no other Twitter tool online:

  1. We help you make sense of your Twitter followers and friends
  2. We help you better engage with users to get more followers in line with your interests
  3. We help you cleanup your account when you reach Twitter's follow limits

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