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Our Twitter tools makes it easy to find relevant users to engage and get more followers with less time and effort

Follow highly relevant users

Find users by interest, full name, company name, location, or other criteria. Just enter a search query and Tweepi will display a list of relevant users to follow. ex @user's followers/friends, follow members of a Twitter list, follow by tweet and follow by user-bio search. Learn more

Unfollow undesirable users

Are there undesirable users who are following you, such as egg profiles, nasty avatars, or spammers? If so, you can use Tweepi to unfollow those who add no value to you or crowd your timeline. Learn more

Reciprocate and follow relevant users

It takes a long time to find all the users you're not following on Twitter and then following each one back individually. This tool helps you easily find them, so that you can follow them back quickly. Learn more

Clean up and unfollow inactive users

Many Twitter users do not engage in conversations, never retweet anybody, or simply just ramble about nonsense all day long. Use Tweepi's "Cleanup" tool to filter those people out and unfollow them. Learn more

Force unwanted users to unfollow you

Undesirable users with inappropriate avatars showing up on your 'Followers' list? You can use Tweepi's Force Unfollow tool to filter these people out and force them to unfollow you. Learn more

More Twitter tools to help you grow

User data filters, geo-location tweet search, safe list users you care about, action counters, multi-account management and much more.

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