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Here's 21 Easy Ways on How to Get More Twitter Followers

1. Optimize Your Twitter Bio

Make sure that your account's identity and voice has great branding. This means that you should have a bio that effectively tells other people about your or your business, who you are, and what you do. It should also include a link to the landing page or website of your company. It is important that the bio has a consistent tone so that other people can clearly understand what your company is about. You can even use popular hashtags in it as well to attract searches via Twitter to your account's profile.

2. Engage with Other Peoples' Content

If you want to engage more people on Twitter, whether they're your followers or unfollowers, then you'll need to engage with the content that they tweet, so you get noticed, which in turn will help you get more followers on Twitter. It would also be beneficial to respond to their tweets or follow them to get noticed. This will help you stand out and the users will more likely be interested in following your tweets too.

3. Retweet Other Users' Tweets

It is important that you retweet your followers tweets too here and there because it will help them feel valued if you share what they have tweeted, especially if it is of value to other followers or even people not following you. These actions will encourage reciprocity and there will be a greater chance that their followers will be viewing your content as well. Especially if they have a lot of followers or are an influencer, people will notice, and this will help you get more followers on Twitter.

4. Keep Your Tweets Concise

If you intend to engage more people and get more followers on Twitter, then you have to keep your tweets concise and to the point. The best limit for an attractive tweet is about 80-110 characters which can include hashtags as well if you want to increase the engagement of your tweets, in order to get people to like and/or retweet your tweet, and ideally follow your profile.

5. Share Links to Different Things

It is always good to include a link to your website in your tweets as they can help increase referral traffic to your website, but social media is not only about you. You can and should include links to other content that is not yours in your tweets which will grab the attention of your followers and other users and the content producers too. By mixing it up, you can engage with a broader set of users and get more followers over time.

6. Respond to Tweets

If you want your followers to feel connected to you, then the most powerful way is to respond tweets when someone messages your or tags you in a tweet. This should be taken care of especially in the case of negative feedback as people and customers feel valued this way.

7. Know and Utilize Peak Usage Hours

Just like other social media sites, there will be times when your followers are more active and more likely to engage with your content. It is important to determine those times and post in them so that you can earn maximum user engagement.

8. Provide Value with Your Tweets

Being a brand you simply cannot post whatever pops up in your mind rather you have to seek value. Brands can offer value by providing information, entertainment or persuasion. You need to seek new ways to provide value to keep the customers interested in your tweets if you want to get more followers and keep them following you.

9. Use Hashtags

#Hashtags are very important on #Twitter as they help your users find you when they search you by a popular #hashtag and also help you #GetMoreTwitterFollowers. It has been revealed by research that posts with hashtags are 33% more likely to get retweets than ordinary ones, and more retweets mean more visibility, which helps you get more followers on Twitter with less effort.

10. Use Images in Your Tweets

Images are very important sources of sharing information especially when you are limited to just 140 characters. They don't only help convey the message with clarity but also attract greater engagement, clicks, while helping get more followers.

11. Post Videos

Just like images outdo text, videos can surpass images which will help you earn greater engagement on Twitter. They create a greater impact by conveying the message more clearly and attracting greater response and retweets.

12. Ask for Retweets

One of the simplest ways to increase your engagement with other users on Twitter is to ask for retweets within your post as it definitely works. Ex. PLS Retweet. This will help spread the reach of your tweets and help you get more followers.

13. Avoid Tweeting Too Much

You have to reserve yourself from tweeting too much on Twitter or you'll risk follower fatigue of your tweets and they'll lose interest in you, then likely unfollow you. You need to be more active during the peak hours however too much tweeting can prove more detrimental for you than beneficial so you should certainly avoid it.

14. Space Out Your Tweets

If you intend to send as many as four tweets a day, then it is always wise not to send them all out at once rather you need to evenly space them out throughout the day or the peak hours. This will increase the number of users who view your posts and increase twitter engagement, which in turn will you get more followers.

15. Use Simple Language in Your Tweets

When it comes to increasing your engagement over Twitter, then you should always avoid complications by using simple, clear and comprehensible terms and phrases. This will help muster a greater response and reaction to your tweets that will make getting more followers on Twitter a lot easier for you.

16. Ask Questions in Tweets to Spark Interest

One of the most powerful ways to attract new followers on Twitter is by asking questions because people love to share their opinion and experiences. Ask questions that matter and/or are trending on Twitter. This will help increase your reach and help you attract people while getting more followers.

17. Use Twitter Cards

When you find it tough to include everything you want to in your tweets that is when twitter cards come into play. There can be product cards or picture cards that help validate your posts and help maximize engagement, CTR, and getting more new followers.

18. Use Shortened Links

Since space is limited to 140 characters, it always makes sense to use shortened links that will look cleaner and get more engagement

19. Recycle Powerful Content

If you shared content that was very engaging and had a great impact that does not mean you cannot share it again rather you can recycle it to ensure it gathers a greater response by being visible to people who may have missed it the first time. This helps build value and will help you get more followers on Twitter too.

20. Include CTAs

Just like power words, actionable words always evoke greater attention and can lead to leads that are convertible. This will not only help increase twitter engagement but also lead to greater sales and profits.

21. Use Tweepi

Tweepi is a very simple, yet powerful tool that helps you get more followers on Twitter much easier than traditional ways people use to get followers, which often results in them spending a lot of time and money on ads, while never seeing great gains with getting more followers. Tweepi helps you maximize your efforts to get more followers fast and easy without having to buy ads on Twitter. Try us out for free or upgrade to a premium plan for even more value.

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A big question people often have is how to get more Twitter followers? They often spend tons of hours and at times a lot of money on buying ads to engage people so they can get more followers. It’s tough and often times does not work as expected. This is reason why well over one million people have turned to Tweepi to help them grow their following.
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